7 Proven Hacks for Growing Beard

It can get frustrating to sit and watch as every man strokes their beards when in thought because they actually have a mane for it. Growing a beard is not as easy for every man as it may be for you. Some people have a hard time getting a full grown beard, without patches that can be revolting to look at. In the times we are in, beards are part of men’s wardrobes. It counts to have a well-kempt beard in trying to look good. If you are struggling with getting your facial hair to the level you want it, here are some proven hacks that will set you off on the right track:

  1. Use essential oils

Just like your hair, your beard requires some love and attention. Essential oils help add a protective layer to the hair strands of your facial hair, resulting in increased growth. Rubbing on some hot coconut oil on your beard every once in a while will substantially boost its growth. However, once you are done with massaging the oils on your beard, be careful to get rid of any oils. Usually, when you let oils sit on your facial hair for too long, the oil blocks your pores and thus prevents your beard from growing out quickly.

  1. Consistency when shaving

Having the Wahl sterling 4 trimmer can excite you to keep shaving your hair. While it may be doing you some good, you need to be careful with the number of times you cut your hair. Technically, your hair grows at different rates, with the mustache growing faster than the beard. Your best shot is to trim the regions that grow hair more quickly to match your adamant patches.

  1. Exercise more

Whether you like it or not, the best way to grow your beard is to lay the groundwork correctly. The state of your body dictates the health of the hair you grow. Exercising allows the blood to flow better in your system, ensuring that the crucial nutrients and hormones get into the follicles. This encourages the growth of your beard.

  1. Sleep more

It may sound crazy. But sleeping more is crucial for your hair growth process. Ideally, getting proper sleep results in an increase in testosterone hormone. Other than that, it is a great way to rejuvenate your body and reduce stress, which can negatively impact the growth of your beard.

  1. Eat right

Like with sleep and exercise, the foods you eat will play a significant role in the growth rate of your beard. Your body requires vitamins and nutrients to function correctly, but more so, to allow for growth of hair. Foods like meat, cheese, milk, fruit, rice, and potatoes should not lack in your diet.

  1. Supplements

Your body can not do all the heavy lifting on its own. Supplements can go a long way in, resulting in healthy long and lustrous beards. They usually stimulate the production of testosterone and thyroid hormone production, causing your beard to grow faster.

  1. Exfoliation

Exfoliating is generally good for your body. However, it can be beneficial to the growth of your beard, given that it stimulates fresh blood and nutrient flow to the facial hair roots. Other than that, it can help remove dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt particles from your hair and skin, which can cause a blockage that is bad for your hair growth. You can simply use a brush to comb through your beard as a way to spread out the natural oils throughout your facial hair while exfoliating.

You do not have to struggle with a short and patchy beard for the rest of your life. Once you work through the seven hacks mentioned above, your hair will be out in no time.