7 ways to enhance your CBD and cannabis experiences

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have become really popular among users who are trying to soothe their mental and physical complaints. The hemp-derived compound is thought to be therapeutically effective for a number of conditions, and is sold in many forms so that people can enjoy the cannabinoid’s specific benefits. 

But there are ways to make your CBD go even further, to improve your experiences with these non-intoxicating products, and also with psychoactive cannabis. Here are seven awesome tricks you should know about. 

Using coconut oil 

Taking your CBD wholesale product with coconut oil enhances the CBD’s potency, without you having to do anything! Several brands are now infusing coconut oil, which is rich in fatty acids called medium-chained triglycerides (MCTs) to ramp up the effects. But there’s no need to shell out on an expensive product. Simply mix some coconut oil into a hot beverage, along with some CBD oil or syrup, and enjoy this boosted concoction whenever you desire. 

Combining CBD oil with cream

CBD users who are trying to relieve localized pain or arthritis may find benefit in combining two CBD products, such as oil or e-liquid with a cream. The former brings an analgesic effect to the entire body, with pain being eased via the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and vanilloid receptors. Rubbing the cream onto the affected area specifically targets receptors in this region to increase the pain relief. This two-pronged effect could be worth trying ahead of simply increasing your dose, as it gets to the root of the pain both internally and externally.

Mixing edibles with vaping/smoking

If you are looking for a stronger CBD dose, then why not embrace this trick which recreational cannabis users have known about for years? Edibles tend to kick in after around 30 minutes to an hour, whereas the effects of CBD are apparent after just a couple of minutes. If you time it just right, taking an edible around half an hour before you smoke or vape, then the benefits will begin to show at the same time, making for a more potent experience. This is perfect if you’re seeking deep relaxation or relief in the evenings. 

Add CBD crystals to e-liquid

Another way to strengthen your CBD sessions is by adding potent concentrate crystals to your vape juice. This is great if you have a relatively low-strength e-liquid, but like to enjoy a stronger hit on occasions. Just add the e-liquid to your vape tank as normal, before dissolving in a crystal or two. It may take a few tries before you get the ideal mix, but this is a clever tip for getting stronger vaping sessions, without having to invest in a really expensive e-liquid. 

Add CBD to your nicotine vape juice

Many CBD brands make flavorless e-liquids which can be combined with other vape juices, which is a brilliant perk if you want to mesh CBD and nicotine for maximum cognitive benefits. The research available on both chemicals suggests they can have positive effects on concentration, so they could be handy if you are unable to stay focussed while studying or working. Just remember to moderate your dose when using nicotine as, unlike CBD, this is a highly addictive substance. However, the health risks from vaping nicotine e-liquids are nowhere near as significant as smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Roll your joints with CBD flower

With CBD now flourishing, some cannabis growers are turning their backs on THC to develop cannabis strains that are rich in CBD. High-quality CBD strains with 20 percent or more CBD are now available. While most CBD users will just roll these up and smoke them, high-CBD flower can also be a brilliant addition to regular joints for a classic cannabis experience. Recreational weed is seriously strong these days, but by adding some CBD, you can recreate an old-school joint that still tastes great and is better for you. The high may not be as psychologically intense, but it should be more physically relaxing. 

Take CBD to reduce cannabis-induced anxiety

If high-THC marijuana leaves you feeling anxious and paranoid, you certainly aren’t alone. These are well-known side effects of THC, even though its psychoactive effects are mild relative to other drugs. Supplementing the body with some CBD, ideally via a tincture oil or e-liquid for rapid effects, counteracts the THC to ease your high and reduce anxious symptoms. This is great if you’re planning on enjoying cannabis with friends who are not familiar with weed.