Rose Burillo – Soul Food In Mexico City

Every country has its own version of soul food, that dish which just fills your heart up with joy. This kind of food is perfect for when you are feeling a bit down, when you need some comfort or perhaps even if you are a little tender following an evening out.

When I first got to Mexico City my friend and chef Rose Burillo showed me what Mexico had to offer in terms of their soul food, and those dishes really hit the spot. Over the last couple of years I have really identified my very favorite soul food choices here in the country, and these are my go-to foods for when I need a little lift.


It doesn’t get much heartier here in Mexico than with this delicious stew made from slow cooked maize. The liquid from the dish usually comes from a rich stock of slow cooked chicken, which is then shredded and also added to the stew. Pozole also features some garbanzos and then you dress the meal with a variety of additions. Added to the stew will be shredded lettuce, sliced radish, finely chopped onions, a touch of salsa, cilantro and some lime, with a finishing touch of white cheese, This is a filling and tasty stew which will leave you with a smile on your face.

Chile en Nogada

This particular dish is seasonal because off the poblano chillies which are used in the dish. With this being said, for 4 months of the year you will love to dive into this traditional meal, which is quite unlike anything else that you are likely to find. Chile en nogada features a large poblano chilly which has been stuffed with a slow cooked concoction of mince and vegetables. Once the chill has been stuffed, it is coated in sour cream which then has walnuts and pomegranate seeds added to the top. This is a delicious option and one which will give you the boost you need.


Sometimes it is the simple meals which put a real smile on your face and that is what I would say about chilaquiles. This is made by creating a hot chill and tomato sauce which is then poured over a generous serving of tortilla chips. Before the chips get too soggy, they add cream, white cheese and then some chicken or fried beef, along with an egg if you want it. Finally throw some freshly diced white onion to the mix and voila, the perfect feel-good Mexican dish. This is often used as a hangover cure by Mexicans, because of the chili and the protein which you will find inside, that give you the kick you need when you may not be at your best.

These are certainly my 3 favorite go-to meals when I get that urge for comfort and for a little bit of positive encouragement. What are your favorite soul food options where you are from?