6 Unique Winter Destinations

Petra, Jordan

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Travel is an amazing pass time activity. It gives you an opportunity to explore new lands as well as new cultures. Many people have limited their travel plans to Summer and Spring. This is mainly because the summer offers a great atmosphere for many outdoor activities that are exciting to many people. Winter and Autumn can also be great seasons to travel. There are numerous Autumn and Winter getaways around the world that are amazing for travel.

Wadi Rum and Petra, Jordan

This is a lost city worth finding. It was built over two thousand years ago by nomadic Nabataeans. It is situated on the area between the Red sea and the Dead sea. The place is a hub for rich history engraved in its architecture and city planning. A visit to this place allows you to experience empty caves, archaeological sites and Nabataean museums. There is also the walk up eight hundred steps to get to the top of Al-Dier monastery. Petra and Wadi Rum have been settings for movies such as The Indiana Jones movie of 1989 as well as Lawrence of Arabia.

Lake Placid, NY

The city was selected among several bidders to host the Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014. It has also hosted the winter Olympics for the years 1932 and 1980. Visitor here have the opportunity to mount an icy bobsled in the hands of a professional driver as well as a brakeman. The place also offers skiing facilities as well as rifle shooting practice facilities. You also get an opportunity to speed skate on the same oval that led Olympic legend Eric Heiden to win five gold medals in the year 1980.


Enjoying an amazing autumn or winter getaway in Cuba is a great idea. The cigars coupled with the spectacular boulevards built in a Parisian style makes it an amazing choice for your winter travel.

Namibian Coast

The great weather and the fantastic sandy beaches offer a great winter getaway. There is also a variety of wildlife and monuments for you to see. The famous safaris that are character to Africa can be experienced in full here. It offers great culture, climate and opportunity for travel.

Chiapas, Mexico

It is the home of great Mexican culture. Visitors who enjoy Mexican food will find Chiapas very appealing. The city is also very rich in history, having been constructed by the Maya during the 200-600 A.D. period.

Antarctic Peninsula

Contrary to the misconceptions by many that life is not bearable in the Antarctic Peninsula, the temperatures there are very bearable for human life. Visitors have the chance to encounter bountiful wildlife in one of the coolest continents in the world. Tours may include viewing penguin chicks and seal puppies as well as the breeding grounds for over thirty million birds.

In conclusion, travel fanatics do not have to limit their travel plans to the summer and spring seasons. It is evident that there are numerous places to visit during the Winter and Autumn seasons. The above destinations are an sample few to the many travel location, suitable for the winter climate out there.