Great Sea Adventures

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The seas and oceans remain a largely unexplored area, making them one of the most exciting holiday adventures. For those of you who are interested in all kind of water activities, here is a list of the best places to visit and enjoy great sea adventures.


Canada is a favorite among water enthusiasts. The best time to visit the country is summer, from June to August. Vancouver Island is the top spot for sea kayaking. The West Canadian coast offers you at least four great sea kayaking tours. These are:


  • Jahnson Strait, a spot where a lot of Orca whales can be watched. There are strong winds and currents in this region and the weather and water are quite cold. Due to these problems, this place is not suitable for novice or inexperienced kayakers, but will offer a great sea adventure to the skilled ones.
  • Desolation Sound, on the other hand, offers warm water and weather, along with mountain scenery, wonderful opportunities for swimming and kayaking and a number of beautiful islands.
  • Tofino is another fantastic place offering adventure to all nature and sport enthusiasts of all levels. This is an excellent place to spend your summer holiday, while enjoying fantastic beaches and nature, birds and grey whales watching, hot spring, fishing, surfing and kayaking.
  • Pacific Rim National Park on the other hand provides coastal rain forests, sand beaches, eagles and beautiful scenery where young and old can spend their adventurous vacations. Among the most preferred islands in the Broken Group are Clarke, Turret, Gillbert and Benson due to the easy access to the open ocean they offer.


Apart from Canada, there are many other fantastic places around the world that promise an excellent adventurous sea vacation to young and old. Such as the Yucatan Peninsula, located on the eastern Mexican coast. In Akumel tourists can snorkel along with sea turtles in crystal clear sea waters and enjoy this unique experience.

Filled with the limitless charms and attractions, the tropical tourist destinations are among the favorite vacation spots of the Caribbean islands. Ranging from the exotic beaches and oceanic waters to enticing ethnic food and fun activities, a vacation in any tropical destination can be a fulfilling experience for any traveler. Cliff and scuba diving in warm waters of this amazing region are another opportunities that everyone can try. Be aware, scuba diving in these excellent conditions can be addictive, so you might not be able to explore the other wonderful options offered in this heavenly place!

South Africa also features on the list of best destinations for great sea adventures. This place offers so many adventures that it is impossible to try them all in one trip. This is definitely a place all brave adventurers should visit. You can start from all kinds of wilderness activities, like horseback safari, elephant back safari, quad biking, and even hot air balloon ride. Finish with rock climbing, ¬†tree top swining, bunji jumping, to name a few. Sea adventures never end here and you can enjoy rafting in white waters of Breede River, scuba diving, spear-fishing, snorkeling and dangerous shark diving in a steel cage at Gansbaai. Surfing is one of South Africa’s top tourist attractions, and is also famed for whale watching.

Our world is full of amazing places to visit that combine all wonders of nature and offer incredible chances to spend your sea vacation full of many memorable adventures. Canada, Mexico, Caribbeans and South Africa are just some of the beautiful places that provides great many outdoor activities for sport enthusiasts who would like something more than just a lazy vacation on the beach.