3 Keys to Throwing a Great Cookout for Neighbors

Are you someone who enjoys having neighbors over for a meal from time to time?

If you said yes, how many of those meals tend to end up being cookouts?

Having the neighbors over for the occasional cookout can lead to good food, drinks and fun times for all.

So, what do you need to do to make for a great cookout for the neighbors?

Have All the Ingredients in Place for a Good Time

In coming up with the right cookout outcomes each time out, here are some keys to keep in the back of your head:

1. What is on the menu? – Deciding what to put on the menu will be one of the first things to come to mind. As an example, when was the last time you grilled some thick and juicy steaks? If it has been a while how about serving up steak at your next neighborhood cookout? Unless one does not eat meat, most people like the idea of a mouth-watering steak to sink their teeth into. In making steaks on the grill, one thing to be sure of is that you have the right utensils. That is both preparing it and then enjoying it. That is why it would be wise to own the best steak knife set for under $100. If you currently do not have such a set, take the time and go online to look for one. Before you know it, you can have the best knives and other such accessories ready to go before you light a grill. While you can’t please all coming to a cookout on the menu, do try and find as many items as possible that folks will enjoy. 

2. When to have the cookout? – Another question to answer of course will be when to have your next cookout? Much like the food selections, you can’t please everyone with the date you come up with for a cookout. Invariably, one or more potential attendees will have a conflict with a date you set. That is why it is a good idea to have a backup date in mind. If you find too many neighbors can’t make the first date you come up with, have another one on hand. That said at some point you have to decide when to have it and how many people are likely to attend.

3. Will you want some help? – Last, how much help could you use when it comes to having some neighbors over for your cookout? You may decide that you will find it in your best interests to ask some or all attending to bring a dish or some drinks. Doing so will take some pressure off your shoulders. That is to have to come up with everything to make the event a success. You may also think about if you want some help in preparing the meal and doing cleanup afterwards. There is nothing wrong with asking those coming to the event to pitch in with some help.

As you look to throw a great cookout for the neighbors, what’s on the menu and how much work will you end up doing?