Romantic Music

This year treat your other half to more than a romantic Valentine ’s Day. Forgo the traditional dinner and a movie combo in favor of a gig night. Music lovers who are bored by the traditional romantic gestures will enjoy nothing more than an opportunity to spend the night listening to their favorite genre of music. Whether it’s a popular local band, or world famous name, try a band night out for a change. There is nothing better than just chilling with your partner over a drink, or dancing like a maniac! If the soppy romantic couples irritate you or just aren’t your style, this is a great way to avoid the melodramatic romance.

You do not have to go far to enjoy this type of night out although your local may be hosting an event with your favorite home band, try and explore for an exciting change to the traditional. If all else fails, or there is too much hassle in getting dressed up for a night out in dismal February weather, there are a host of ways to entertain your musical other half at home.

Sometimes, these are the more romantic gestures. Get old school style and make a mixed C.D., design an album cover for that loved one. For a modern twist, just download their favorite music and create a playlist, but it doesn’t have quite the same romantic ring to it. Either way, it’s probably going to include some Barry White.

Travel around Valentine’s Day can be quite expensive; it is one of the peak periods for weekend and short breaks. For anyone looking at a short break from North America, the Caribbean is a great choice. Visit St. Bart’s is a perfect hideaway in the Caribbean that has eight square miles of volcanic rock. There are over 60 restaurants that serve exciting Creole and French food. The beach island of St Tropez earned a reputation over the years for delectable food and accommodation. It is one of the most enchanting and idyllic romantic getaways in the French West Indies.

If you are going the extra mile in your plans, and intend to enjoy a long-haul trip, Europe is the romance capital of the world. It is teeming with “romantic” cities; Paris, Venice, Rome…If you are planning a romantic getaway in Europe, then Venice in Italy is a great choice. If you are visiting Venice during the Carnival which lasts for two weeks, you can participate in the revelries and enjoy viewing the participants with their masks and billowing costumes. This world-renowned capital for romance is exciting throughout the year as they enjoy a lively café culture and fetes. Of course, part of the Old World allure at this time of year is of course, the music. Enjoy your trip with some traditional European music; imagine drifting down the Seine in a gondola with a violinist!

Alternatively, try lesser known romantic spots. Elafonisi Beach in Crete, Greece is a small islet that has a beautiful landscape. The colors that you see are mainly pink, pearly whites and milky blues. Enjoy the calm seas when you cross the shallow reef that connects to the main island and swim in the crystal blue waters. Unlike the Caribbean, Europe is quite cool at this time of the year, even in holiday resorts, and the cities can be freezing.

If these do not get the ideas flowing, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional Valentine’s nights out. Spa days, massages and a bunch of flowers can go a long way…and a customized playlist is free!