The Luxurious Festival Experience


The summer time only means one thing of course: music festivals! Music festivals provide a weekend of fun, sun and a line-up of your favourite artists. That sounds like the perfect weekend, right? Well if you are going to a festival within the UK, the sun part of the weekend may not always be present! Festivals in the UK hold a habit of rainy weather, which is why festival goers find the choice of attire for the day a bit of a struggle.

It is hard to plan what to pack in advance; do you wear wellies or trainers? Rain mac or no jacket? Then of course you will need to pack that all important umbrella, unless you want to get soaked whilst watching your favourite act! That being said this isn’t always the case and sometimes festivals fall on the hottest days of the year in the UK.

When planning your festival weekend there are a few choices to consider for sleeping options. The common choice is to set up camp but this option can come with a few downfalls that you may want to consider. Now if you have never camped before then be prepared for a messy weekend! Some tips that you should consider if you choose to camp are:

  • Set up your tent in your garden beforehand so that it will be an easy run on the day.
  • Take ear plugs to drown out the noise at night, although you shouldn’t expect to get the best night’s sleep!
  • Arrive extra early to choose a good pitch, away from the toilets if possible!
  • Set up as close to your friends as you can, this will allow you to claim your territory within the camp site.
  • Use a flag or a piece of bright coloured material to customise your tent from the other 1000s on site. This will become especially handy at night.
  • Don’t leave any valuables within your tent when it is unattended. The worst thing you could do to attract thieves is to padlock your tent closed. This ‘screams’ out that there is something worth stealing inside.
  • Try and cover any clothes left inside your tent as much as possible; rain could always make an appearance.

An option that you may not have considered before but could provide you with a more ‘luxurious’ weekend is staying in a caravan. Protection from the rain, access to a shower, cooking facilities and keeping your valuables safe are all perks of staying in a caravan for the weekend. There are many more that could be mentioned such as not sleeping on the cold hard floor, keeping bugs at bay and the list goes on! If this sounds like your kind of stay for your festival weekend but you are concerned about price, caravans aren’t as expensive as you would think. There are touring caravans for sale at reasonable prices which would be particularly ideal if you are a regular festival goer. You may find that buying a caravan is one of the most practical buys you have made yet, as you can also take it on budget local holidays.