Owning a Gun: Why it is an Obvious Choice for Many

Recreational Shooting

Shooting is a tremendously fun pastime when conducted in a safe and responsible manner. It has been an Olympic sport since 1896 and has been present at all of the games except two.

Many people like to engage in recreational shooting in the safety of a gun range. These ranges frequently allow gun owners to bring in their own firearms to shoot with. This provides a safe place for gun owners of all backgrounds to enjoy their treasured firearms.


Many people do still go hunting and enjoy it greatly. It is a brilliant pastime and a great way to find some extra food to feed your family. Venison is high in protein and has an extremely unique and rich taste.

What’s more, the deer population needs to be kept in check. Without hunting, their numbers would grow too big and they run the risk of damaging people’s livelihoods, like causing a tremendous amount of damage to crops and other plants. Owning a gun allows people to feed themselves high-quality meat that they sourced themselves while protecting someone else’s garden or field.

Home Defense

One of the biggest reasons to own a gun in 2018 is still home defense. When faced with a home intruder, it can often be a matter of life and death. If the intruder has a gun, it can be difficult to deescalate the situation peacefully. To flip the scenario, an unarmed intruder can be persuaded to leave a lot more easily if faced by a carrying homeowner.

Protecting your loved ones and your home has never been more important. As long as the gun is properly maintained and stored in your home, there is no reason why you cannot have one to protect the ones you love.


Everyone knows that police officers and other law enforcement officials carry weapons but there are other careers which use them too. Farmers need guns to help protect their land from pests and other intruders.

If there is a dangerous predator amongst your livestock, then you need to be able to put it down effectively. Likewise, if you notice some shady characters approaching your valuable farming equipment with the intent of stealing it, you need to be able to quickly deter them. In rural farming communities, the police may be miles away and unable to respond in the same time they would in a more populated area. Therefore the farmers need to be able to respond on their own initiative.

Owning a gun is a big responsibility, no matter the reason you need it. Buy gun holsters from Front Line to ensure you have all the accessories you need for your firearm. Even in this climate, there is no reason why you cannot safely and responsibly own a gun. If you find yourself a member of one of the categories above, it might even be necessary.