Nu Age Tourism

The rise of Nu Age Tourism is changing the hospitality industry

Being a tourist in the 21st century is definitely different from what it used to be in the past decades. This is because there is something that has changed. No, not the climate. Most popular tourist resorts have not been too badly affected by the warming up of the globe. Not as much as they have been affected by the high rates of internet penetration. Over the last three decades, the internet moved from being a barely understood creature to being the most used resource in the world.

The blessing

The high use of the internet and the development of search engines have created new opportunities for holiday resorts. With the use of the internet, it is easier to communicate with people. The communication is more timeous than in the past. Real time communication which is visually aided makes completing a sale easier. This is true regardless of what industry you are in.

The internet allows for resorts that are in the most remote areas to compete right alongside those that are easier to access, like in Cancun. Marketing a holiday resort is no longer restricted by physical parameters such as inaccessibility and low traffic where the Ad is placed.

Online marketing makes it possible for the resort to create a profile which can be viewed by anyone from anywhere. Even though many resorts have websites which provide full information there are many other places that the profile can be found. There are several directory services online that will list a holiday spot for a small fee. Some of the directories are even market specific. For example, Kiwicasinos serves as an online directory where it reviews all casinos and supply customers with well-researched and unbiased information. There are many other forms of directories that one can use to get the correct information.

The Curse

The cost of setting up an online profile is outrageously low, read more about review sites at Therefore it is not a limiting factor to conmen who are roaming the web in search of a gullible people to rob. Besides the con men, there are also resorts that exaggerate on their online profile. They will promise heaven on earth and fail to provide a decent hell. This age that we are living in demands that people be more thorough in vetting a resort before paying for it.