Uber Being Sued For Lack Of Wheelchair Accessible Cars

Uber doesn't have enough Wheelchair Accessible Cars, so it is being sued over it

Lately, there have been a lot of news in the media about medical issues. The Health care bill taking centre stage in all of it. But a massive battle is raging on the sidelines of this mammoth bill. The Uber taxi service is being sued in New York for not having enough vehicles that are accessible to people using wheel chairs.

As technology continues to make our lives easier there is a need to see that the rights of everyone are upheld. There is no reason why technological advancements should not take the disabled into consideration. Even at the top online casinos such as Yebo online casino, they are already adjusting their applications and systems to cater to the physically handicapped. But that is a story for another day.

With the way that Uber operates as a business, it is being put at fault for not taking the necessary actions to provide people vehicles suitable for people with disabilities. The lawsuit is using strong words like discriminatory to describe Uber’s behaviour. This is to mean that the company is intentionally trying to avoid giving people with people with disabilities “full and equal access” to their services. A claim that has been denied by top executives at Uber.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of the service told reporters how the service is expanding its services in line with technology. However, the iGaming will not be affected by this, visit Reels of Joy for iGaming information. But since the launching of Uber Access, there have been few markets in which the service is active. The restrictions to extending the service are because there are challenges getting partners in the locations.

Statements coming from Uber highlight how the service is providing access to reliable transportation. The people speaking for the service actually speak of how the service has created many new job opportunities for the disabled.

Regardless of all this, associations standing for the rights of the disabled are demanding that the service does more to make the service accessible to everyone equally. The organisations that are pushing the class action lawsuit include the Brooklyn centre for Independence for the Disabled, Disabled in Action and Taxis for All Campaign. Only 200 or so cars in the Uber fleet with nearly 60,000 vehicles are available to people who use wheel chairs.