How Much is Too Much? The Accessories Guru’s Guide

Fashion accessories are important, and it isn’t that easy to get it right, so if you are in doubt as to whether that belt goes right with the suit, or if that new sports watch compliments your day wear, here are some important tips to help you get it right every time.


Keep It Simple 

Fashion accessories are not supposed to be major highlights, the primary function is to highlight the outfit, and possibly provide an element of practicality, as with a watch or a belt. The right colours are important and you should stay away from stark contrasts, as they tend to confuse the look.

The Right Accessories 

For the fashion-conscious male there are many choices, wedding rings, for example, are not what they used to be. If you are about to be married, and are looking for a stylish modern wedding band, there are men’s wedding bands in Sydney that are both stylish and inexpensive, and with many designs to choose from they make the ideal accessory for the married man.

Formal Wear

More often than not, the business man has to attend many social functions, and the choice of outfit is important, as many business deals are sealed over a dinner meeting, or perhaps at that important seminar, so it is always a good idea to look your best at all times, and the little things do get noticed, even though you might not be aware of that. Scarves and overcoats are often necessary, and with the right choice of colour, it can give you a distinguished look. For a great online accessories, K-Sta have an enviable range of tungsten carbide wedding rings, and they can ship worldwide.

Outdoor Activities

If you are off for a round of golf with your business associates, spend a little time thinking about your outfit. Your watch should be suitable, and if you are wearing a polo shirt and slacks, make sure your belt goes with the outfit. A hat or cap is a must have item on the links, and there are stylish golfing caps that will complement any outfit.

A Splash of Colour

If the event isn’t formal, some bright colour will not go amiss, and this can be achieved with a pocket handkerchief or belt. Some men like to wear a bracelet, and you might like to consider a range of styles to complement the many outfits that make up your wardrobe. Earrings are in for men, and a small opal stone would really give you a unique look, while gold and silver are always an attractive choice for jewellery items.


The right shoes will give any outfit a boost, and more and more men are realising how important footwear is in terms of fashion. Good shoes should be comfortable and with a range of different styles, you can mix and match for optimum effect.

If you spend a little time thinking about accessories, you can have a much wider choice when it comes to achieving a unique look, and don’t be afraid to experiment, as this is often the best way to arrive at the best solution.