How You Can Plan the Best Stag Party for Your Mate

Planning a stag party isn’t a job for the faint-hearted, and if you are responsible for planning one, it can have its challenges, but this isn’t to say that you can’t do it right. It is a privilege, after all, and if you want to please your mate and everyone on the guest list with the best stag party ever, there are some things you should remember and prioritise from the beginning. So, what does it take to plan a brilliant stag party? Here’s how you can plan the perfect stag party for your mate.

  • Make the guest list

It can be tricky to prepare a guest list for a stag party, so you have to think carefully about who will be included. For instance, do you really think your friend would want his prospective father-in-law to tag along, and his boss to be part of the fun as well? Find out what the groom’s preference is when it comes to the guest list and work your way from there.

  • Make the budget

The right budget is of the utmost importance, and you should discuss with everyone how much they can afford and are willing to allot for the stag do. This will also help you avoid any last-minute cancellations and help you decide on the location or destination as well. In regard to the location, do you want to spend more on the location and save on drinks and food, or save more on the location and spend more on drinks and food? If you want a bit of both and would still like to go somewhere brilliant, you can always go for special stag do houses where you can party and drink the night away without spending too much, and at great locations too. Some stag do houses even offer discounts for groups, longer stays, and more.

  • Plan the itinerary

The perfect stag do wouldn’t be complete without an excellent itinerary, and this is something you can definitely plan ahead. Ask the groom what activities he’d be interested in doing, whether it’s a full night pub crawl on the town or various games and activities. Don’t forget to factor in the meals and food as well, as everyone would certainly appreciate some good grub before and after the event.

  • Surprise everyone

Stag dos aren’t all about drinking and doing pub crawls, either. You can make your stag party a lot more fun and memorable by planning a bit of a surprise for everyone. You can leave out specific information about the event from the groom, such as booking a stripper or two, planning a prank, and so on. Here’s an idea that could set everyone up for a few laughs: get the groom or stag arrested (a fake arrest, of course)!

  • Don’t forget the morning after the stag do

Whilst you may be so busy preparing everything for the actual stag do, it is easy to forget the morning after, especially if you are having a stag overnight or weekend. The morning after counts for a lot as well, and it would be great if everyone has a chance to recover from the excesses of the night before. You can, for example, organise a greasy, satisfying breakfast or brunch, and then organise some adrenaline-filled activities such as karting or paintballing. If you want to make it easy on everyone, you can simply find a nearby breakfast or brunch place for a greasy pick-me-up.