Finding Your Mortgage Budget with a Loan Calculator

When I decided to make a big decision and purchase a house, I didn’t know where to start with finding a good loan, what a good vs. bad loan was, and what I could get. A friend of mine suggested to me that I needed loan calculator app that could help guide me through the process of looking at different loans, understanding them, and finding the best one for me. Luckily for my friend, I did a lot of research and want to share it with you so you can save some time sifting through loads of apps and help direct you to the one that works for you and your loan needs best. Link below is what my friend suggested, but read further to get more details on finding the best app for you.

Top Loan Calculator Apps

Large investments and long term financing

It is safe to say that a majority of people don’t have the cash flow in their savings to buy a house or car outright. That is why lenders are there to give you cash now and how to pay it off over time without paying too much. A car loan calculator or mortgage calculator can be a huge help when trying to understand long term financing and how you can make payments that won’t keep you stretched in your budget or finances.

Calculating your interest rate to figure out how much your monthly payments will be over the life of the loan is crucial to make sure you are not breaking the bank every month. It can also help you to see that you are getting a balance of paying it over a comfortable amount of time but not paying too much in interest at the end of the loan. If you are looking to get a personal loan, these tips should also be considered for you to be able to pay that loan off in a good amount of time and without a high interest rate to pay back.

Interest rates and the real cost of your loan

You’re probably already aware that the principal loan you are looking to borrow is not the final amount you will end up paying. You have to consider how much it will be after interest and fees. You can use a loan calculator to find out how much you will end up paying in total, and you can also find out how much your monthly total payments will run.

If percentages or math in general is not your strong suit, a simple calculator might not be a bad place to begin. A calculator can help you figure out your loans in terms of loan amount and interest rate to help you find what your loan payments will be and even any possible change to the annual percentage rate, or APR.

Understanding different amortization options

Lenders vary by how you can pay off your debt regularly, so it is very wise to pay attention to the differences when you are looking into different lenders. A worthwhile loan calculator can help you determine the process of each lender and help you save the most amount of money while staying inside your budget presently and in your future. It’s great to find a calculator that will break down the numbers and show you what the payments will be so you can visualize each option side by side and compare.


These are some great tips when you are looking into getting a loan. Finding out what’s most important to you, whether it’s comparing lenders to see which one will be the cheapest monthly payment, or finding the one that is best overall in how much you pay in interest over the life of the loan. Whatever is most important, you can find a loan calculator app that will help guide you through the process and pick the best loan for you and your financial goals.