Modern stair lifts ensure you can stay independent for longer

As you get older you’ll find that it’s not so easy to move around as it once was. But losing your independence is the last thing you’ll want to do, which means it’s time to make modifications to your home so you can live there late into your golden years.


The easiest option is to install a stair lift in your home. A stair lift will ensure your independence for many years to come, and means you won’t have to sell your home.

Modern stair lifts

Today’s stair lifts have been designed to be quiet and reliable, and can easily be controlled via a joystick, which can be fitted to either armrest. In other words, home stair lifts can mean you don’t need to move – you just sit back and relax as it lifts you between floors. Modern stair lifts are also fitted with a remote control, giving you the option of calling the lift from one floor to another, the ideal solution if both partners need to use it.

The footrest and the seat ensure you can sit comfortably as you embark on your ride. Most stair lifts these days stop and start very gently too, so you won’t be jolted as it starts and stops. For added peace of mind, the seat swivels and locks into place to help you when getting on and off the stair lift.

Backup systems

For those who’re worried about power cuts (and potentially being stuck halfway up the stairs!) the good news is that most modern units come with a battery back up system that ensures it will still work when the electricity supply is cut off. Stair lift companies also offer telephone support, so that engineers can fix problems remotely thanks to the unit’s self diagnostic display. This removes the need for an engineer to come and visit your home when there are less serious problems.

Sit and stand stair lifts

A more modern innovation is the sit and stand stair lift, which, as the name suggests, gives users the option of sitting or standing while traveling up and down the stairs. This is a great option for those who have difficultly bending their knees, or when two users may have different requirements.

Another option is the perch stair lift, which is a good choice for those with narrow staircases where it makes it difficult to sit properly. These models allow users to perch safely on the lift as it traverses the stair case.

Safety standards

Before buying a stair lift, be sure to check that the model you’re looking at is equipped with the most modern safety features. Things to look for are an overspeed governor, which allows the stair lift to rapidly descend the staircase should any components fail while in use; a swivel seat, which allows the user to get on and off the unit in a safe fashion; and a battery backup system.