Helpful Tips to Make the Bathroom Safe for Seniors

A grab bar is one way to make a Bathroom Safe for Seniors
Photo by CC user gramody on Flickr

There is no doubt that the bathroom is the busiest room in the house. It is also a place to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. However, for many seniors, it is also the most dangerous room in the house. The good news is, a senior care provider can use the bathroom safety tips here to help and make the bathroom safe for seniors.

Ensure the water heater temperature is 120 degrees or less

Many seniors will not take notice that the water has become too hot. This can be the result of a number of issues, but generally speaking, their ability to feel excessive heat may have been diminished. Also, older adults have skin that is thinner. If the water in their bath is too hot, it can cause significant burns, even if the exposure to it is brief. It is essential that senior care providers take the time to ensure the temperature on the water heater is not set too high.

Ensure safety supervision

For seniors who have mobility or balance issues, it is essential to ensure supervision while they are bathing. This will help to prevent a fall and ensure the senior is able to safely climb into and out of the bath tub.

Install safety equipment

In some cases, the senior care provider will have to remodel or learn how to clean bathroom tile a bit to make it safe for senior use. Some updates that can be made include removing an old, step over bathtub for a walk-in shower and adding grab bars beside the shower and the toilet. If the bathtub is unable to be removed, then adding in a transfer seat will help to prevent seniors from falling, especially those who may not have sufficient muscular strength.

Use skid proof surfaces

There are quite a few skid proof surfaces that can be purchased and installed inside the shower and bathtub, as well as the bathroom floor. In many cases, individual decals will not cover most of the floor of the tub, so a senior care provider should consider the use of a mat to cover the entire surface and to prevent falls.

Make access to the bathroom easy

A door lock can be a source of concern for some. If a fall does take place, then the senior may not be able to unlock the door from the inside. It is essential that the lock is disabled or installed on each side of the door to ensure the senior can be reached if an accident occurs.

You may also want to update the décor a bit, such as adding a granite vessel sink. This will make the space functional and more appealing to be in.

Taking the time to put in safety features for a bathroom will help to keep any senior safe. These are just a few tips that a senior care provider can do ensure a senior’s safety in their own home. Keeping senior’s safe is essential and maintaining their safety is the responsibility of the senior care provider. Don’t let a fall or bathroom injury put a senior’s health and well-being in peril.