Fan Lights for Your Bathroom: Why They are Functionality and Style Combined

A bathroom is usually smaller than other areas of the home, and often has a high humidity level due to vapour and steam from using hot water. Not only does this raise the moisture content of the air, it often raises the temperature, sometimes to dangerous levels. And whilst this in itself already creates a negative atmosphere, the problem is compounded when mould or mildew builds up. Fan lights in the bathroom of your home are therefore the perfect solution to this common problem.


The importance of a fan

Fans and extractor fans play an important role for regulating the quality of the air in bathrooms – UK building regulations specify that there must be proper provisions for adequate ventilation. Fans play an important role and serve several purposes:lot_batroovan

  • Fans regulate heat – excess heat can escape the bathroom and ensure that fresh air is replenished.

  • Fans regulate moisture – humidity levels can be kept low, which is not only healthy, but also prevents the formation of mould and mildew as their spores are not allowed to grow.

  • Fans remove smoke and gases – smoke from candles or cigarettes, or gases from bathroom heaters are quickly removed and can no longer present health issues.

  • Fans remove nasty odours – whether they come from using the toilet or beauty products such as hair spray or nail polish remover, unpleasant smells are quickly removed via the extractor fan.

  • Fans maintain wall quality – thanks to the removal of moisture and gases, the walls and all objects within the bathroom don’t stain or show discolouration.


Go in style, implement the fan light

Though fans are a very useful necessity for the bathroom, they are often unpleasant to look at and not always aesthetically pleasing. Often, they seem too industrial and don’t give the room that look of comfort and luxury. There is, however, a very simple solution to this: use a fan light.

A decorative blend of light and extractor fan is now an essential part of the modern bathroom; it is a combination of light and fan – which means that the industrial feel of the fan is replaced with the warm and inviting comfort of light. They come in many shapes and forms (such as the Tiffany-style lights) and in a variety of colors and hues. There are plenty of different designs, made to fit any bathroom décor.

Another great advantage of the fan light is that it is easy to install because the lighting fixture uses the same power source as the fan. It also requires less space, which means it is ideal for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms with less window space.

Fan lights are highly efficient and are very silent when in operation – they are almost inaudible. What’s more, a fan light will cost you less than buying a fan and light fixture separately. So whatever you need when it comes to electrical supplies, whether it’s fan lights, heaters, general electrical supplies, and more, you should always go to a reputable and reliable electrical wholesaler which can supply you with everything you need.

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