Menstrual Cup Risks: What To Do If Your Menstrual Cup Gets Stuck?

Is your menstrual cup inside your vagina having so much fun that it won’t come out? That’s one way to look at it! In the rare cases of incorrect insertion of a menstrual cup that usually caused by choosing the wrong size of a cup, a strong suction is created which makes removal a little more complicated. That’s why it is very important to choose the right size for you. Some brands offer small sizes of the cup, such as daisy cup small, and some brands also offer larger sizes.

If you’ve discovered yourself in this specific scenario and attempted to remove it without achievement several times, you’re likely beginning to consider moving into your bathroom to live the remainder of your days. Don’t. Don’t. Here’s how to remove your cup calmly when it’s especially stubborn:

Calm Yourself And Try To Relax

Your vaginal canal is neither an endless nor a cavernous room; it’s actually quite tight at your cervix with a comforting dead end. Meaning? You can’t swallow your cup by your body or get lost in it, so stop worrying!

There’s only one location for it to go out once it’s in–out. Chill and prevent the muscles tensioning–this will only make it harder to remove.

Slowly Remove The Cup

When you think that your cup is gone do not panic! Typically remove the cup and if you do not know how to do it seek help from guidelines you can read in the manufacturer’s website available for you. It is better that you hone your skills in removing a cup before using it during your menstruation so that you can practice inserting and removing the menstrual cup.

You can squeeze the base of the cup after breaking the seal and softly slide out with firm and continuous pressure. It’s a little different from pulling a tampon, and it’s going to take 5 seconds longer – so don’t let go!

Still No Luck! Try It Again

Not lucky yet? It’s time to look up the scenario so you can have a better attack plan. Wash your hands and press the vagina with one or two fingers. Take the time to find your cup; is the vaginal channel far up? Did it suck your cervix? Is this at an unusual angle? If you are unsure, try to read some articles about how to locate your cervix or to watch quick videos on how to do it will help!

Take A Break

If you’ve been rummaging in there for a while and beginning to feel a little stressed and swollen in your vagina–take a break. Most menstrual cups are made of silicone of medical-grade, which is designed for long periods of time to be worn inside the body so it won’t hurt a little longer. Take a bath to relax your muscles if you feel strained or if you are sore, use a cold compress on your lady pieces.

Do It Now!

Now that you’ve composed yourself and your vag, it’s time to remove that poor kid. Necessarily, to remove it, you must break the airtight seal produced by your menstrual cup. Get in a cozy place, preferably squatting as the length of the vaginal canal is shortened. Insert the vagina with a smooth finger and thumb and feel for the cup base. Bear down using your pelvic floor muscles to make it simpler to achieve the cup. Squeeze the body of the cup firmly (several times) between your finger and thumb to attempt to break the seal of the rim and then softly pull it out.

If this does not work, execute your finger to the floor and push inwards to allow air between the top of the cup and the surface on which it has suctioned, then pull out softly. The final stage in this saga of removing menstrual cups? Pat on the back, pop the bubble and brush up on how to correctly insert your cup! Always make sure that when inserting and if your cup has air holes, you have enough air above your cup, that they are smooth and have clear airways.


If you are a rookie in using a menstrual cup you cant expect it to be easy as one two three, it needs a lot of practice, patience and discipline until you can wear the cup correctly and confidently.

But after all, it is very worth it! You will enjoy all the benefits that these cups are promising to you. You can save time from changing your regular pads from time to time, and it is wallet-friendly because you only need to buy a cup once and use it for several years. It is safe for your health and more convenient to use. Practice till you make it!