Four fun ways to get your gambling fix

A visit to Las Vegas to marvel at the wonders of Sin City is on the bucket list of countless travellers around the world. Seeing the sights is obviously a huge part of this, but visiting the famous casinos lining the glittering strip is one of the main reasons for many.

If occasionally having a flutter surrounded by your friends is one of your interests, but Las Vegas isn’t on the cards just yet, then there are a number of ways you can do this.

Of course, being responsible and knowing your limits ensures this is a fun social activity for you and the people you’re with. Discover our top four fun ways to get your gambling fix and find your new favourite activity to enjoy with your friends or pass the time when you’re alone.

1. Casino

While not everyone may be able to jet off to Las Vegas to experience the City of Lights (if you can – great!) why not get dressed up and visit a casino where you are? No matter where you’re based, there are some fabulous casinos to visit for a night of fun and games.

Gather your friends and make a real event of attending one of the best casinos in your area for a night of glitz and glamour.

2. Online gambling

If you simply want games to play online without having to physically go to a casino, then this is the option for you. There are thousands of online casino games and platforms available for people who like to play games on a computer, or even on the go with a mobile phone or tablet. Choose from games such as roulette, bingo, blackjack and slot games with countless fun themes for you to enjoy.

3. Bingo

Bingo is the ultimate fun game to enjoy with your family and friends and while the traditional village or town hall bingo remains popular, this game has undergone a transformation.

These days there are a number of quirky bingo pop ups and events all across the UK – London remixes the traditional bingo night particularly well. Choose from Hip Hop Bingo or even Lady Gaga Bingo to add a twist to your experience.

4. Horse racing

Whether you’re looking for last-minute weekend plans, or you’re searching for something special to do for a birthday or event, a day at the races can cater for it all. You can embrace glamour or have a relaxed day. Get dressed up to the nines and sip on bubbles whilst studying the form and having a flutter, or pack up a delicious picnic and choose your riders by the colour of their silks – either way this will be a day to delight in.

No matter whether you want a fun online casino game to play at home or on the go, or if you want to attend a gambling event to enjoy responsibly with a group of amazing friends and family, the options are available to you. You don’t always need the bright lights of Las Vegas to enjoy a wager with friends!