A Brief Look at the Health Benefits of MVHR

There are very few months in the year when it isn’t necessary to have the heating on. In the winter, it’s too cold for comfort, and in the summer, it would be nice to have air-conditioning. Whatever type of central heating you have, you probably don’t have what is known as Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, MVHR for short. If you don’t, you just might want to consider the health benefits of MVHR.

What Is Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery?

Although it sounds a bit complicated, the purpose of MVHR is to continually cycle fresh air in without losing the heat (or cooler air) from your heating system. In brief, the MVHR unit pulls fresh air in and stale air out. The fresh air being pulled in then takes advantage of the climate-controlled air that is being vented out so that there is less work to be done by the HVAC unit. 

In other words, the air being piped out passes by the air being brought in so that it heats/cools that air, taking advantage of the energy it took to bring that air up (or down) to that temperature. It increases efficiency and thereby reduces the cost of climate control. However, what most people aren’t aware of is that there are also several health benefits of using Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery.

Ridding Your Home of Toxins You Never Knew Were There

What many homeowners don’t understand is that in a closed system without ventilation, toxins such as allergens, mould and dust mites are just building and being recycled through the system and into the air they breathe. This leads to anything from seasonal allergies to more serious lung conditions such as those caused by black mould. The traditional way to clear the air is to open a window to ‘air the home out’ as you probably saw your parents and grandparents do for so many years. 

Now there is no need to let that heat or cool air escape because MVHR units from BPC Ventilation use the climate-controlled air to heat or cool the stale air while bringing in a literal breath of fresh air from outside. BPC Ventilation is a company located in Northern Ireland that sells units and parts for MVHR systems. Whether you want to use one of their network of installers or undergo a DIY project, they have what you need plus the information you need to find the right system for your home.

Beyond the Health of Your Family

Most people understand the health risks that come along with a build-up of black mould in the home, but did you know that black mould can also threaten the health of your home? Consider for just a moment why that mould begins appearing and you’ll understand that it’s due to high humidity and condensation. All that moisture can also cause structural timbers to decay (wet rot), which would threaten the structural integrity of your home. If you find your power bills out of control and your family suffering from unexplained illnesses, maybe it’s time to see how MVHR can benefit your health and save you money in the process.