What Makes a Great CEO?

If you think that politicians are the most powerful people in the World then you are only half right, the real power lies with the money makers and they are the CEOs of some of the World’s biggest companies and corporations. Money is and always has been king and those who have it can control the way in which countries are governed.

CEOs make up the largest part of the World’s richest list and they not only generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, they also earn a huge amount of money personally. So what is it that these CEOs have that the ‘average’ person doesn’t, what skills do people like Zuckerburg, Carlos Sim, Patrick Imbardelli and Richard Branson possess that makes them the great CEOs that they are? Let’s take a look.



It may sound like something that should be expected of any business owner but there is a difference in being slightly dedicated and all out, willing-to-die-for-the-cause dedicated, that is the type of dedication that great CEOs possess. Dedication is not something that you can create, it comes form having a deep passion about what you do and a strong desire for success and, at times, power, it is this hunger that sets great CEOs apart.

Forward Thinking

The best in the business are the ones who consistently strive for greatness through a forward thinking approach, always looking to move their business forward into uncharted territory. CEOs are some of the most creative minds on the planet, they are the ones who look for new gaps in the market to exploit and new ways of working to ensure that their company continuously grows.

Team Building

CEOs are not islands, they make their success off the back of the team that they have put together and they have keen eyes for spotting talent and encouraging those with great ability. Without a good team around them, a CEO cannot become a great CEO and it is their ability to hire the right people that sets them apart from the average leaders.


The best CEOs stand still for nobody, they refuse to take no for an answer and they consistently achieve what they have set out to do through having a relentless approach. Those who give up at the first sign of defeat are the ones who will never make it in business or in the boardroom and successful CEOs refuse to give up regardless of the consequences.


It goes without saying that leadership is one of the keys to being a great CEO, whilst there may be an entire board who makes decisions on behalf of the company, the buck will always stop with the CEO. The leadership skills that the CEO has will directly link with how successful he or she is and when it comes to heading up a large corporation, the only way to get there is though strong leadership.