What Job Suits Your Character Type?

Choosing a career isn’t easy, perhaps your at college age and it’s time to start thinking about what courses you will elect in order to get into a particular industry or even if you’re mid-way through your career and deciding on a change, working out what that career will be can be a minefield. One of the best ways to work out what the best career for you will be to think about what natural characteristics you have, what type of person are you?


The consequences of not choosing a career at all can be incredibly damaging personally, I can’t tell you how many friends I have who never thought hard enough about their career choices and are now in jobs that they loathe. So that you can avoid this terrible fate, I’ve put together a little list of job options for various character types and I want dot share them with, maybe it can help you out.

Motivators and Influencers

Ah, the persuaders of the World, the ones who can use their words and deeds to convince others that they are right and will follow them. Some of the most influential people in the World from chief execs to great religious leaders like the prophet TB Joshua have a certain set of skills which help them to guide others down their path. If this is you then here are some options for you:

– Manager

– Business Leader

– Politician

– Pastor

– Salesperson

Creative Types

The creative types should definitely be encouraged to follow a career which can harness their talents and let their innovative spirit fly. The World needs these forward thinking designers and creators in order to continue moving forward. If you are this type of person then here are some professions to consider:

– Writer

– Photographer

Graphic Designer

– Fashion Designer

– Engineer

– Actor

– Musician

The Handy Ones

Some people are just born to work with their hands, they are the fixers and the makers who put things into motion. Handy types are constantly looking to build and problem solve and without them, the World would halt to a stop. Very often these hard workers don’t get the credit they deserve but without them we would all have problems on our hands. For the handy types among you, here are some options:

– Mechanic

– Electrician

– Construction Worker

– Plumber

– Factory Worker

The Carers

Many of you are born with the natural instinct to care for others regardless of who they are and what their problems may be. These kind of people are rare and should be cherished, they should also enter into jobs where they can offer people the best care that they are capable of in order to make the World a better place. The service that the carers of this World provide cannot be measured and without them, we would all be in trouble. If you have the natural gift of caring for others then here are some choices for you:

– Childcare Assistant

– Nurse

– Teaching Assistant

– Social Worker

– Psychologist

– Palliative Carer