Basic Skills if Your Want to be a Mechanic

Thinking of becoming a mechanic? This can be a highly rewarding and lucrative line of work as it is an industry that is in constant demand. It is a highly skilled job, however, and there are a few basics that you will need to master before you can commence working on automobiles. Here are a few of the basic skills that you will need to learn:

Changing Oil

Changing the oil is a simple maintenance task that anyone can do, but many people will use a mechanic to do the job for them so it is an important skill to know. It is a straightforward task that simply involves draining the oil into an oil pan, changing the oil filter and adding new oil (check the manual for amount and type needed).

Spark Plug Replacement

To replace the spark plugs you will need to let the engine cool and then remove the current spark plugs one by one with the spark plug socket. To install the plugs, you need to make sure that they are the right ones and then install them in order and tighten them with your ratchet.

Replace Gas Struts

The gas struts will also need replacing from time to time and this is quick and easy but you must make sure that you have the right struts for the vehicle which you can get from places like SGS. Removing the struts involves inserting a flathead screwdriver into the groove of the metal band and then levering it away – it will then pop off of the ball socket with a little force. Installation simply involves pushing the ball socket over the ball stud and popping them into place.

Battery Change

This is not a task that needs doing too often but it is an important skill to learn. First, you need to remove the bolts holding the battery in place – always start with the negative (black) terminal. You then undo the main battery clamp and remove the battery from the car. Swap over the main battery terminals to the new battery, replace the main battery clamp before connecting the positive (red) terminal and finishing with the black.

Change Air Filter

Another important basic skill is knowing how to change the air filter, which should be done every six months to maximise gas mileage. This is another simple task which involves unclasping the casing (you may need a screwdriver) and pull the old filter out of the case (if you can see light through it the filter does not need changing yet). Slide in the new air filter and close the clasps.

These are the basic skills that any mechanic needs to know and will put you in good stead for a rewarding career as a mechanic.