Is Your Website Accessible to All? – accessiBe

It may have taken some time, but the world is catching on that changes need to be made to improve the lives of disabled people. Whether the disability is physical or mental, it has a big impact on those who live with such circumstances, and things that we take for granted, might be a struggle for some to achieve. Things are definitely better than they were. Even just looking back a few decades, there have been major strides in making places more accessible for those with disabilities. But there are other areas that our modern world has even more room to improve on and companies, like accessiBe, are there to help.

Room for improvement

As we’ve said major strides have been taken. In many countries it is now required by law to make buildings accessible to those with physical disabilities and so we can expect to see ramps, wide doors and elevators when visiting public buildings. This has become normal to us. But as times have changed there is one major way in particular, that accessibility could still be a big issue for some – the internet. Now yes, I’m well aware that the internet is a great tool for all of us, but it has certainly helped improve the lives of many with disabilities. It has opened up new job opportunities to some. It has enabled people, even those living on different continents, with specific conditions, to contact each other and share experiences. This has all been fantastic and great steps in the lives of those with disabilities. But there is much more that can be done.

For many, using the internet is not as straight-forward as you’d think. For them, it isn’t just the click of a button to get the information they want. That is why things are changing. Thankfully, many world governments are realising the situation and are making it a legal requirement to have an accessible website.

Never has this been more of an issue than in the last couple of years when the world, and most of its shops and offices, have shut down. Businesses and people have moved on line to continue their daily lives. So the need for disabled people to have that same opportunity has been essential. 


If this isn’t something you have looked in to yet, start work on it today. Or better yet, get in touch with a company who can start the work with you and give you all the advice and guidance you need to make sure your website is fully accessible.