accessibility overlay Could Be Just What You’re Looking For

There have been many changes in accessibility problems in the past few years. This is especially so in the last two years with the worldwide pandemic we have all been facing. Our businesses and shop fronts had to close down, and many moved online or increased their online presence as the only option to stay in business. I’m sure you would agree the internet has been invaluable. During the pandemic, the number of websites has increased greatly but while this has many positives, it has also created a problem – website accessibility for the disabled. Now more than ever, the need to use an accessibility overlay is important to get your website accessible quickly and at a good cost.

Why is there an accessibility problem?

It could seem unusual that the internet might cause problems for disabled users. After all, it has been a great help to the disabled in many ways. But there are many ways that a disability can affect people and many different ways that a website could cause a problem. For example, a person with a cognitive issue might benefit from more tabs separating subjects, and the use of smaller paragraphs, with simple, easy to understand sentences. But a person with a hearing impairment would benefit from subtitles on any videos.

Who is responsible for fixing the problem?

Whoever has a website is responsible for its accessibility. And when I say responsible, I mean from a legal standpoint too. The fact is that most countries now have laws on accessibility, and you could be breaking the law if your website isn’t accessible. As the number of websites increase, the number of lawsuits increase too, and governments are clamping down on this important issue as they agree that no one should feel left out or discriminated against for their disability.

While it is something you must do, it is also something you should want to do. It is the right thing to do. And it has benefits for everyone involved. It will improve your company’s reputation, boost your search engine rankings, and open up your potential number of website visitors massively. Other visitors to your site will also benefit from the simpler, easier to use website.


Getting your website fully accessible is something you should not put off. It is an important step in protecting the rights of disabled people and it is good for your company in the process. Don’t worry that it is too big an issue to tackle. Simply use an accessibility overlay to do the work for you.