Less Tobacco, More Cardio

Anyone who has given up on smoking can tell you how beneficial it has been to their exercise routines, respiration and their overall health in general. But they will also tell you that it is easier to say you want to quit than actually quitting.

The urge to smoke is a psychological challenge; the feeling of lighting up a cigarette when you’re nervous or overrun with thoughts or the weekly social gathering with a vibe so relaxing that it subtly screams “why not?” They make it a hard habit to get rid of.

If you’re a smoker willing to get rid of that habit, here’s an often-overlooked but very effective method that can get you through:

Exercise: Getting started

Exercising is not only a healthy distraction from the urges you’ve gotten so accustomed to, but also a great remedy for reducing withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Studies have shown that exercise “mitigates weight gain and assists in overcoming cravings for cigarettes” says the senior medical advisor of the American Lung Association, Norman H. Edelman.

You can follow these tips to get you motivated to exercise.

  • Arrange to exercise with a friend or your partner. It makes it a lot easier to stay motivated when exercising with someone else.
  • Pick a time that suits your schedule- whatever your daily plan is, try and set aside a time for exercising.
  • Select exercise routines that you can enjoy doing, and then overtime, build up to more intense programs.
  • Target at least 30 minutes or more of bearable physical exercise ranging from aerobics, cycling, swimming, dancing and even walking
  • Set your mind to make it a priority. If you feel like the 30 minutes are a lot. Then start small, set aside 10-15 minutes to exercise.

Most smokers regularly experience shortness of breath after engaging in a physical activity. Your lung starts to function a lot better after you quit smoking and you begin to notice the difference as it becomes easier for you to exercise more.

If you can’t beat them, find another way 

With everything that has been said, a person would not be able to carry out these feats without the right amount of mental dexterity. If you feel like you’ve been smoking for too long and cannot dive immediately into exercising. Then try Vaporizers. It’s a healthier, and cleaner alternative to smoking.

Vaporizers allow you inhale vapor that is created from heat as opposed to the carcinogens released from burning in a cigarette.

With vaporizers;

  • There are fewer chemicals present than those found in cigarettes.
  • The nicotine isn’t present to get you addicted.
  • There is no lingering smell on your clothes and on your fingers.
  • No teeth stain, as the vapor inhaled is always clean.
  • You can gradually move to zero content smoke, keeping only the smoking action present without actually inhaling anything harmful.

Choosing to exercise, choosing to vape or choosing both? Whichever you decide on, they are still better ways of keeping you healthy and away from destroying your lungs, which you will eventually do if the smoking habit is not curbed.