Top Travel Tips For Senior Citizens 

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to travel less. In fact, with the help of new technology like motability vehicles and the freedom of retirement there’s more reason to travel than ever! If there’s a destination you’ve always wanted to see, or you’re seeking some winter sun, what’s stopping you? Of course, senior citizens have a few extra things to think about when planning a trip away. Here are our top tips for traveling in your golden years.

Pack Light

It’s easy to get carried away and pack for every eventuality when you’re going away. However, being weighed down by a heavy bag will put a dampener on your trip. Make things easier for yourself by keeping your bag easy to carry. If your mobility or strength is limited, consider using a wheeled bag or rucksack so you can move around freely. Striking the balance between packing light and compromising on the essentials can be difficult, so be sure to write a list of everything you know you’ll definitely want to take with you. Don’t worry if you’re travelling alone, there will always be plenty of people to help you with your luggage on public transport or at the airport.

Pack Medications Correctly

Some countries have very strict regulations about how medications are transported, particularly if you’re travelling by air. Be sure to research the latest guidelines for your destination online or seek advice before you travel. In general, most countries require you to take medications with you in their original packaging. You might also need to provide a note from your doctor, depending on the nature of your treatment. It’s worth taking non-prescription items with you in your suitcase too, such as vitamins or painkillers, if you think you’ll need them because sometimes brands abroad are different to those you’re used to.

Request Help

There are so many ways that hotels, airports and public transport services can help to make travelling easier for senior citizens. Simple adaptations like walk-in showers or a ground floor bedroom can make your trip far more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to ask for an adapted room or airport assistance to make your trip stress-free and enjoyable.

Go Off-Season

When you have the luxury of being able to travel whenever you want it makes sense to book the off-season. Between April and mid-June most resorts are up and running but they are considerably emptier than in the busy summer months. Not only will resorts be more peaceful, they’ll be more affordable too. So, senior citizens have the benefit of being able to enjoy a luxurious break anywhere in the world for a great price.

Keep in Touch

Travelling alone is a great way to explore somewhere new regardless of your age. However, be sure to let your friends and family back home know where you’re planning to go and when you expect to return. Leave a few contact numbers for yourself and your hotel, so in the event of an emergency your loved ones can get hold of you.