How to talk about Baseball to your family?

How often have we taken the effort to patiently share about our likes and dislikes or theirs for that matter, with our families? In the busy life that we lead full of stress and anxiety, it’s always a good idea to spend time making conversations with your family. If you are into sports betting with a NH lottery promo code, you would know that talking about baseball is a great way to spend some time with your loved ones?

What if you wanted to turn their attention to baseball with a positive outlook and you had no way to entice them into your talks? Well, whether you are dining or watching the television with them, I have some fantastic headlines for you to begin your chat about baseball with ease for your apparently ‘unapproachable’ family members who mostly opt for a bad take on the sport.

NL Cy Young Award – “Jacob deGrom won the NL Cy Young Award with just 10 wins! This is unbelievable!”

As soon as you drop a hint of a not – so – potential player winning a major award, you are sure to fuel many light fires. Jacob deGrom has led the league with an ERA of 1.7, has been a part of 217 innings and has pitched out 286 batters in a single season, proving himself to be quite the efficient player suitable for the NL award . So if anybody cranks up, you have enough information to back the man.

Bat flips – “Bat flips are just disgusting, selfish and disrespectful of the players. Aren’t there other ways to celebrate?”

Indeed there are! But bat flips are just considered to be an extension of the on – field celebrations. Also, other than the U.S., there are many baseball – playing cultures that accept bat flips sportingly. It is not selfish at all! How can the celebration of a team win be selfish? Neither is it disrespectful. Bat flips are not done to put down a team or a sport. Even Ken Griffey Jr. supports bat flips. Is it possible to disagree with the baseball master?

Shifts – “So what is up with these shifts that the teams are practising? Baseball nowadays follows no set rules!”

Since baseball is all about winning games, employing new techniques should always be a trend. So if shifts are a part of these techniques, there is certainly no harm neither any breaking of rules. The game remains traditional but the methods are modern ; so calm your grandfather down as there is no offense in not following what they played back in their days!

Strikeout – “Strikeouts at our time felt like the bat and ball were in direct contact. But now they’re just going higher.”

Doubles and homers are anytime preferable than groundout. So taking a high strikeout benefits you anyway. Although earlier, players would make contact to avoid a strikeout. Now that a high strikeout gives more time to go for the next pitch, why not aim for the fences? Well, striking high isn’t that easy as it seems and since pop fly has not much difference from a strike out, batter should freely go for it.