Greyhound racing: the basics behind it

Greyhound racing is an interesting sport

Photo by CC user AngMoKio on Wikimedia Commons

Greyhound racing in the United Kingdom isn’t quite as popular as horse racing but plenty of fans still travel to various meetings across the country on a weekly basis.

Most of Great Britain’s 25 major racing circuits host at least one or two meetings a week and punters can watch the best breeds go toe-to-toe in a bid to chase down the hare and prove that they are the fastest greyhounds in the business.

There are a number of major events throughout the year – culminating in the Greyhound Derby at the end of a long season. With over £15 million available in prize money during the year, greyhound racing is a lucrative market; especially as they cost much less to maintain than thoroughbred horses.

After all, the greyhound business isn’t seen as a major money maker – it is more for entertainment purposes.

For general information regarding runners and track tips, visit Coral’s website and check out the greyhound odds and news section. As previously mentioned, there are greyhound meetings on every other day and it won’t take long to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations in the sport

It may look difficult and confusing but the ultimate goal and aim of these dogs is to win; and there are a few ‘tried and testing’ methods to consider when choosing your winner.

Regulars at greyhound meetings get used to seeing certain names in action and they know which traps each dog prefers. Some are wide runners and love to be in trap 5 or 6 but many prefer to hog the inside line as they look to take the fastest route towards the hare.

If truth be told, greyhounds odds and tips are few and far between but Coral tips performed well in a recent meeting at Monmore Green and punters should check out their latest advice ahead of the upcoming events.

Greyhound racing isn’t – and never will be – like horse racing. There are a few similarities but on the whole, these sports are quite different. The dogs may not be for everybody but it provides an entertaining evening with a crucial social aspect; something that other events cannot do.

So get down to your nearest circuit and get backing those hounds. With so many choices on date and time, there’s absolutely no excuse – whether it is a family gathering, an office Christmas party or simply an excuse to meet up with friends, the dogs is THE place to be!