Does Your Home Need a Refresher in Decorating?

So that you can get the most enjoyment and satisfaction out of your home, giving it a refresher look from time to time certainly does not hurt, especially when you have the money to do just that.

For example, if you have lived in your home for a number of years now, the time may be now to repaint the entire downstairs (kitchen, living room, dining room, entertainment room etc. In doing so, you make the residence more attractive for not only you and/or your family, but also when it comes to entertaining guests.

In the event you are considering moving at some point in the near future, you could still follow through with some redecorating, thereby increasing the asking price of your home.

So, does your home need a refresher in decorating?

Where Exactly to Start?

When it comes to determining where exactly to start with your redecorating needs, doing things one room at a time is typically (though not always) the best route to travel.

For starters, this approach avoids having your entire home torn all up at one, be it for painting, new carpeting or hardwood floors etc.

If you start with one room at a time (just redecorating the entire downstairs first); you might want to save the kitchen for last.

The kitchen is typically the downstairs room you spend the bulk of your time in (especially if you have a family), so put some additional time into determining how you want it to look for years to come.

Also put some thought and effort into what pieces of furniture, dishware etc. you want for that room in the house.

You can turn to brands such as Weston Table for a variety of kitchen pieces (along with other rooms in the home) that are sure to complement your residence.

If you are thinking about redoing your kitchen, you may want to add a separate island area, allowing you to entertain family or guests for small, intimate get-togethers. With bar stools and plenty of space for sitting, family or guests can have a nice meal and/or drinks without sitting at a more formal setting.

Another option in the kitchen is decorating it with some items that are sure to draw attention when guests come by.

Decorating the room with pieces such as ceramic and pewter bowls, decorative wine glasses, pewter glass pitchers, leather handmade beer mugs and more. You might even end up receiving some of the items over the holidays or other times of the year as gifts.

When it comes to the kitchen’s floors and walls; hardwood floors or a tiled look oftentimes win over many homeowners. Having a light colored paint adorning the walls is typically the preferred choice, especially if you want to have the kitchen welcoming in as much light as possible.

Expanding Options and Yet Remaining Comfortable

In moving to the nearby dining room, some of the previously mentioned items (dishes, bowls etc.) can make great decorating ideas here too.

Keep the dining room sizable and yet comfortable at the same time.

If your dining room is too big, you may feel like you need a phone to talk to family members and/or guests from one end of the table to the other.

As you head into the living room, this portion of the home typically gets as much usage (if not more) than the kitchen.

That said you want your redecorating efforts to focus on making the living room as comfy as possible.

If you’re thinking about splurging for that huge entertainment center (television, sound system, music system, multiple electronic devices etc.), think about whether or not it might be too much for this portion of the downstairs.

In the event you currently have carpeting in the living room, you may want to consider switching over to hardwood floors.

More and more people eat in their living rooms these days (especially if there is a notable entertainment center) there. As a result, food spills are not all that uncommon. Having to clean a food mess off of a hardwood floor as opposed to carpeting is like night and day.

At the end of the day, doing a sizable redecorating project in your downstairs doesn’t have to break the bank or leave your home in a mess for months at a time.

Shop around, use the Internet for ideas, and then get started on those home renovations, getting your residence just the way you want it in time for the holiday season.