Why Golf? Top Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Golf

If you were looking for a sport, you probably have a lot of options in mind but slim chances one of them was actually golf. Golf is a popular sport in some circles but outside them, it’s not that much talked about. With so little interest in golf, it’s hard to get people engaged and onto the golf course even though there are beautiful golf courses in beautiful destinations. There are however many benefits to playing golf. Some can be found in other sports as well but others not so much. The thing about golf is that people that try it out often times end up being very engaged in it, going from knowing nothing about it to looking for the best iron such as the options at http://www.topgolfrangefinders.com/best-game-improvement-irons/.

So you think you might get into golf? Check out the remainder of this article to find out what you stand to benefit from if you pick up the club begin advancing towards your first hole.

Bye-bye calories

When someone tells you to go lose some weight, your first response is probably never going to be golf. However, that doesn’t change the fact that golfing can be a very demanding activity especially if you ditch the cart. Walking from one hole to the next will put some strain on your body especially if you don’t usually work out. This can be great as it’s the perfect type of cardio – the type that you don’t do actively. You’re not there to work out but to play golf. You just happen to land in the middle of a workout on top of that and it’s great for your body. Plus, it’s walking not running, so you don’t think so hard consciously about the effort you’re putting in.

Keeping the mind healthy

Dementia is just one of the many terrible mind illnesses that can fall upon the unsuspecting. Golf actually combats dementia and other such illnesses through keeping the blood flowing through the brain. Blood circulation is very important and especially so for the brain, which is such a delicate organ. Through golf, your heart rate will always be up and so fresh blood will always be pumping in your brain, keeping it healthy and engaged.

Building character but also relationships

The golf course can be the perfect place to find new friends but also to find yourself. A lot of relationships are built on the golf course ranging from personal to business. Whether you’re looking for a partner or a best friend, you can definitely bond with someone over a game of golf. Additionally, if you’re looking to develop your own character, that’s also a fine reason to go golfing. The constant competitive attitude that you need to put up for a golf course, such as beating your opponent and coming up with better shots, it all builds up into self esteem and confidence not just for future golf rounds but also life.