Did the coronavirus pandemic bring anything positive?

We know that you already have a lot of articles with bad news about the coronavirus, so we will try to make this one a bit different. In a situation where the business of companies is reduced or completely discontinued, it is difficult to talk about the positive side of the pandemic. Still, some argue that the epidemic has become the engine of enterprise digitization, which begs the question: Can we adapt to the situation?

One thing is for sure. Recent events have shown that online presence is a must in modern business, even if your business is completely “offline.” Who did not have an elaborate online strategy went much worse than the competition that realized the benefits of digital marketing on time.

Internet presence as an opportunity

The business has stopped, there is no income Should we stop promotion activities and wait for better days? No, on the contrary. The use of the internet in an age of isolation has increased dramatically, and, by that, we don’t think just of people who suddenly decided to start playing free adult games. We mean that your target group is now online, too, with much more free time, and it is an excellent time to introduce yourself or remind them of your existence. And if you are unable to cash in on your effort right away, the contacts you make, and the base you now create will help you recover much more quickly when all this is gone. Even if you do not have a business, you can use your spare time to promote your skills and turn your hobby into a source of extra income. This is the time when yesterday’s anonymous become stars. Who knows, maybe one day your hobby becomes your primary job.

 Discount on hosting service

If you’ve just decided to “come to life” digitally, the first step along the way is a website. To help you with that step, lots of web providers have decided to offer an exciting package, in which, in addition to the discount on hosting service, you also get free domain registration. The savings are significant.

Even if you have your site, there are a few things to look out for. Situations like this can lead to a sudden jump in the popularity of a website, and with all the beautiful things it brings, problems can arise. For example, you can easily break through the limitations of an existing hosting package, so you need reliable hosting that will quickly respond to your request to change packages and adapt to more workloads.

Also, the speed of loading the site is crucial, as most people have no patience, and after a few seconds of waiting, they will go on. A slow website will also rank worse on Google search, which can drastically affect the traffic and number of new users/customers of your services or products. Some of the top porn sites these days are using the platform called WordPress.