Why Bettors Are Turning to Gambling Apps


The increase in smartphone ownership has allowed punters to play using mobile gambling apps. This industry began back in 2011 when Apple first allowed users to download real money betting apps onto their iPhones and iPads via the App Store. Google followed suit in 2017 by allowing Android users to download them using its Play Store.


In today’s market, there are hundreds of gambling apps available for smartphone and tablet devices of all types. Gamblers have access to online casinos or sportsbooks from the palms of their hands. In some cases, these gambling apps offer special promotions and perks for those who choose the mobile versions of their platforms. From free spins to bonuses, these top-ups entice gamblers to utilize gambling apps on their mobile device instead of their computer.

Mobile Gambling 

Back in 2017, Statista asked mobile phone users about the online activities they engage in. According to the report, here are the most popular online activities:

 59% of those polled said that they used their mobilephones for email more than anything else.
 Tablets were used for watching videos and movies.
 43% of those surveyed used their devices for online shopping.
 36% used them for online banking.
 28% used phones for mobile gaming.
 18% used them for dating apps.
 10% of users said they use their mobile phones for online gambling and betting.
 5% use their tablets for online gambling and betting.

The statistics for online gambling and betting aren’t eye-catching, but when you factor in the number of people who have a mobile device, you’d be surprised.

The global digital population as of January 2020 is at 4.5 billion active internet users. So, there are millions of people turning to gambling apps for online gambling and placing bets.

Advantages of Using Gambling Apps

There are plenty of reasons why people are turning to gambling apps. Below, you’ll find a few of the most common responses.


Convenience: The main reason why people are turning to gambling apps is that they’re convenient. Gamblers can play and make a bet anywhere and anytime.


Pass Time: Mobile devices eliminate boredom. Long waits and slow queues don’t have to be frustrating. You can pull out your phone from your pocket to shop lines at several online sportsbooks or play the latest slots on an online casino while waiting in line or riding the bus. 


Touchscreen: Another advantage of using gambling apps is the use of touch and swipe technology. Mobile casino games are optimized for touchscreen use and the games are adjusted to the screen size of your mobile device. 


One Account: Punters are also turning to gambling apps because they can access their favorite betting sites using any device using a single account. Unlike brick and mortar casinos, you have the option not to cash out your winnings every time. You can leave your balance in your account and withdraw as you please.


Wi-Fi Is Everywhere: There was a time when you couldn’t access the internet unless you were using a wired connection. These days, establishments usually have free Wi-Fi connections, and most mobile users have mobile data plans that provide them with access to the internet anywhere.


Mobile Bonuses: Some gambling apps give special benefits to mobile app users. These include mobile betting bonuses or free spins that you can take advantage of.


Free Play: Free play is also a reason why bettors are turning to mobile apps. Most of the top online casinos offer free games that you can try before engaging in real money casino games.


Our world has changed due to the advancements in technology and the betting industry has evolved along with it. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder people are using gambling apps to fulfill their betting needs.