Gaming Growth in the Digital Era

Gamification has demonstrated incredible growth in various formats over the past 45 years. Gaming infiltrates many aspects of our lives, from desktop computers and mobile phones, to consoles and video games. It has also become an embedded into social media, messaging applications and our work-life balance.

Once an unsociable and niche hobby, gaming has evolved significantly and now has a firm position in mainstream culture. The online influencer Mary Meeker, in her reports on The Internet Trends, has devoted a prominent section on the effects of gaming on several industries. There is no digital media, according to the reports, that holds the level of engagement that iGaming does. Video gaming is, in fact, even more attention-grabbing and engaging than Facebook, and mobile and video games hold more attention than many social media sites.

iGaming at Online Casinos 

Playing games at casinos once revolved around the social aspect, the atmosphere and mostly, having fun. While these factors are still present, since land-based casinos are still very popular, there are now extended options for those wishing to partake in casino gaming. These options provide opportunities to participate without even having to leave the house.

We’re not discouraging you from ever visiting a land-based casino again, of course. It isn’t an endorsement for idleness. Physical casinos are just as much fun as they always have been; however, gaming is now about choice. Your local casino may be showing an anticipated UFC fight, for example, and you’d like to go and participate in a little Roulette while there. Alternatively, you might prefer to play table games on your mobile device, from the comfort of your very own living room sofa. It’s up to you. 

This is one of the reasons the digital age has been revolutionary. We have so much choice: incredible ranges of games to play, a choice of tables to play at and the choice of staying at home, playing on your commute or visiting a land-based casino. No single choice is better than the other; but this growing trend in the industry for player options is better than ever before.

Online gaming in the internet-based casino industry is an entirely new experience. Some games adopt a traditional way of gaming, whilst others embrace technology and offer modern, state-of-the-art designs and features. There is a remarkable volume of slots and casino games out there, offering an abundance of themes from Ancient Egypt and Western-style, to animals, nature, movies and everything in between. As a result, the customer base is far broader; online gaming has certainly helped to open up the market.  This increase in demand has, of course, led to an explosive development in new games, and there is more choice now than ever before.

Gaming Quality

The rise in games popularity has inevitably brought on an increase in quality. Gamification has been introduced to many online slots, for example. Narratives and characters are often introduced, which brings in a whole new element of entertainment and engagement. As an example, Goldrush UK casino offers casino games and slots with high-quality themes and storylines to truly capture the interest of its audience.  

Social Media Gaming

Social media has brought a popular new platform for iGaming. When we think of gaming, we often think of games consoles and role-playing games, however there are 1 billion hours each month spent by people by playing games on social media, too.

The country manager for Zylom by Real Games, a casual games portal in the UK, noted what it is that makes a social game unique. Rumbi Pfende observed that a social game has a distinguished feature relating to how a friend perceives the gamer, and this in turn influences which games people play on social media.

For the casino aspect, it may seem that online casinos are deviating away from the social hub that land-based casinos pretty much are. This is actually untrue; for online casinos have in fact assisted in helping with loneliness for many who have ended up building online relationships by co-playing games together. Online chats are often available within online bingo games, for example, and the social aspect can still be a driving force for people looking to play games and slots online. 

Millennials in particular are enthusiasts when it comes to smartphones, social media and multi-player interactive games. This is because social games are fantastic for casual gamers and introducing players to games that they may never have considered playing in the past. 

VR Games

The newest generation of video gaming uses the latest, hi-tech VR (Virtual Reality) technology. This provides an incredibly immersive experience and 1st person perspective of an action game. As a player, you will influence the gaming environment via a number of VR devices and accessories.

VR can also be integrated with online gaming, which has boosted social experiences even further. It is possibly to virtually sit next to a person and talk via a microphone using the latest technology. These visual effects and immersive aspects are only going to improve as the technology world evolves, too. On gaming platforms like Steam, there are many VR casino games, and there is also a land-based French casino that showcased the first-ever VR Blackjack game in the world.