Are Your Clients Hearing You Loud and Clear?

Ask business owners what is most important to them and many will right away turn to client satisfaction.

With that being the case, are you doing everything within your power to make and keep clients satisfied? If not, are you worried about possibly losing some of them? In the event you do, your company’s overall financial health could certainly be thrown into danger.

One of the keys to keeping clients satisfied is making sure your lines of communication with them are not only always open, but clearly understood.

Whether this involves your one-on-one meetings with them or listening to them on a conference call or even emails, don’t make the mistake of misunderstanding their needs.

Listening to what they want is mandatory in order to accrue sales and ultimately revenue.

That said do your clients hear you loud and clear when you respond to them? If not, take some time to change that tone moving forward.

Keeping Communication Clear and Open

So that you are able to keep the lines of communication open with your clients, it all starts at home, your business home that is.

For starters, voice dictation for your business is an important piece of technology, one that you may at times overlook.

Among the ways such technology assists you and your business would include:

  • Faster production – Your utmost concern when it comes to your employees should be making sure they are as productive as possible. That said the right voice dictation products can enable them to get their work done in a fast and organized manner, allowing you to keep the workflow moving along as smoothly as possible. If you’re in need of voice dictation products and services, be sure to shop around and not just settle on the first company you come across when doing Google searches etc. Finding the right products and services at the right prices will be a win-win situation for your company;
  • Recognizing speech – If one or more of your team (yourself included in some instances) is out and about meeting clients, you might record such discussions. In doing so, you then need to translate what was said, picking out the most important moments of the conversation. The right technology when it comes to speech recognition can save you lots of time and frustration. Not only is this important in keeping things humming along, but you look more professional to the clients you are serving.

Never Underestimate Importance of Organization

  • Organizing your files – Are you a business owner with quite a mess on your hands when it comes to your files? If so, you’re setting yourself (and your business for that matter) up for potential problems. Once again, voice dictation tools and related products and services give you the ability to properly organize your important files, leaving them at your access in a moment’s notice. If you need to return to a client discussion that you recorded, being able to pinpoint exactly the time during the discussion that is critical saves you time. Not only is time saved, but frustration too. Honestly, who wants to pour through hours of notes when they’re trying to find just a few minutes of conversation?

If you’ve found the last year or years frustrating in the sense that your business is unorganized and not understanding what your clients want, part of that problem may be how you go about communicating with them.

At the end of the day, knowing what your clients are saying about you and your business can never be taken for granted, especially if you’re not truly hearing the feedback they give you when you talk to one another in-person or on the phone.

With the right tools in your hands, you and your team will be better able to understand what you and your clients are talking about.

When that happens, it is a win-win for both parties.