7 Ways to Save your Wardrobe from Being a Mega Mess

Our wardrobe says a lot about us as people, and while some are extremely well organised, others are in a bit of disarray. If you feel it is an effort trying to find a particular item, then it is time for a drastic change of behaviour, and with the following advice, your clothing and accessories will be neatly stored, ready for use.

  1. Discard Items – For some people, this is perhaps the hardest thing to do, as there will always be that one occasion where that sweater would be ideal, yet we must be mercenary, and anything that is not worn or used, should be stored elsewhere, as it is taking up that most valuable of commodities, space.
  1. Maximise Space – Ideally, like your furniture, you should have wardrobes made to measure, and this way you can effectively use the space in the room, and also have the units blend with the surroundings. If you are looking for custom wardrobes, and are in Western Australia, Lifestyle Wardrobes are the people to talk to, with a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, all at affordable prices.
  1. Use Hanging Rods – These effectively double your hanging space, and are essential if you have many items that require hanging. Small double hooks that attach around the neck of a hanger, leaving another hanger point just below the original, gives you the ability to hang twice the number of items without crowding the hang rail. Of course, if you had spacious, walk in wardrobes, these little gadgets would be of no use, but in every other situation they will give you extra space.
  1. Make Use of Vertical Space – Small, custom made boxes are ideal storage places for shoes and hats, and these are items that make the wardrobe look cluttered.
  1. Take a Photo – When the wardrobe is finally exactly how you want it, take an image with your smartphone, and as time goes by, and the inside begins to transform, you can always refer to the image and return things to their proper places and start again.
  1. Arrange by Colour or Style – This works for most people, especially if you are a fashion conscious person with a large arsenal of clothing, and if you are able to select things without moving anything, your wardrobe should remain in pristine order.
  1. Utilise Any Space – The interior should be neat, with shelves and boxes, and perhaps some drawers, and if there is any small area unoccupied, think of a way to either hang or fix something to accommodate smaller items.

Once you have your wardrobe well laid out, you then must make sure it remains that way, so it involves changing habits and routines a little, and especially avoiding the temptation to just stuff something away. It’s similar to a tidy room, and without a change of behaviour, it will soon return to its former glory, so make steadfast changes and stick by them.