Cheshire restaurants that are bright spots of the city

There are plenty of Cheshire restaurants worthy of an evening out

The walled city of Cheshire in northwest England has a historical lineage and charm with an irresistible attraction. Added to this, are scores of restaurants that line the city and the suburbs. For the most memorable dining experience, you must know the best places to go and can revert to the list of top restaurants in Cheshire that is captured in this article. The beauty of the restaurants in Cheshire is that you will find something for any budget and every kind of taste. The restaurants that find a place in this article are the ones that you must never miss.

La Fattoria

This Italian restaurant serves traditional dishes with a variety of pizzas pasta, meat and gourmet dishes. On going through the menu, you will find that there is something for every palate. The decor of the place has an inbuilt warmth that touches the guests who find it very comforting. The warm wooden texture of the interior along with warm colours on brick finished walls creates the perfect ambience. Consider your choices pizza or gorge on recipes like gnocchi alla paplina together with tomato, cream and basil or tagliatelle al funghi with ham or the sirloin steak with black pepper better known as bistecca al pepe nero. The place is ideal for lunch or dinner.

The Bluebell Cafe at Barrowmore

Spread over a vast expanse of greenery, Barrowmore has a long history since 1920, when it became associated with charity. The Bluebell Cafe is right at the heart of the lush green fields and is a perfect place for starting the day with a sumptuous breakfast that nourishes your body. The cafe has an extensive list of classic breakfast menu among which sausage, bacon, eggs and teacakes and croissants are the hot favourite. The lunch menu has a daily special as a surprise along with sandwiches and soups. The warm and friendly environment promises guests of the best meal that can make the day special.


Marmalade is another cafe at Northgate Street that can well claim to be one of the favourite eateries for Cheshire residents. It is bubbling environment spiced up with music, and the friendly ambience makes it a perfect place to spend time with friends and engage in lengthy conversation. The menu offers a varied selection of delicacies made from locally sourced ingredients. Sandwiches for breakfast in the English style, as well as veggie breakfast, are available. Sandwiches and soups are the staple lunch menu. The variety of sandwiches comprises of goat’s cheese with red pepper panini sandwich, beef pastrami sandwich and croquet monsieur with soups salads and jacket potatoes.

Joseph Benjamin

The restaurant serves a seasonal menu based on local produce and provides a homely atmosphere without any pretentions. Chef Joe Wright, who also owns the restaurant along with his brother Ben, creates innovative dishes and loves to describe it as British-European dishes in a modern form. The menu includes pickled herring with celeriac remoulade, and charcoal grilled broccoli with chickpeas, halloumi and tahini yoghurt dressing just to name a few.

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