An In-Depth Look at the Documentation Needed to be a Caregiver in the UK: Your Requirements

They say that some of the most rewarding jobs in the world involve those where you care for other people – where you are responsible for their well-being and welfare, and where you are in charge of making sure that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally sound and healthy. Being a caregiver certainly fits the bill, and if you are ever looking for a career as a caregiver, you would not be disappointed with regards to the rewards it brings.

But if you are interested in becoming a caregiver in the UK, what documentation and requirements are needed? Let’s find out.

An updated CV/resume

Those who are interested in becoming caregivers should know that the application process is quite simple. All you need at the beginning is an updated (and preferably, well-detailed) CV or resume with information on your background, your experiences, and your skills.

Legal capacity to work in the UK

You need more than a good CV to work as a Caregiver in the UK

Aside from the updated CV/resume, however, you also need certain documentation – and one of the most important is proof that you are legally able to work in the UK. If you are already a UK resident or citizen, then all is well and good – you can work in the UK without any problem whatsoever. If you are an EU passport holder, the same is true. Those who are citizens of the Commonwealth and have one or more grandparents who were UK-born can apply for an ancestral visa, however. Those who are also married to an EEA member or resident can apply for work in the UK. Individuals who have been granted asylum, who have a Right to Abode, and who have already qualified for a UK visa based on the points system can also apply.

But if you are coming from another country outside of the UK and the EU, you would need a work permit. One tip: approach the British consul office in your local residence so you will know exactly what type of visa to apply for.

Police clearance

It is also a given for all prospective caregivers looking for Live in care jobs to undergo a DBS or Disclosure and Barring Service check. This would also include a more comprehensive Disclosure and Barring Service ‘Adult First’ assessment or check. It is also worth noting that the DBS has recently begun offering an updating service where your certificate can be updated and then transferred or sent to various employers/agencies (online) for a fee.

Other documents

Other documents that can help your application process as a Live in carer would be an international driving licence (as you can only drive with your country’s licence for a year from your entry into the United Kingdom), as well as a number for National Insurance, which you can get through Jobcentreplus.

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