Many Doors in Afghanistan Are Open to Reconstructive & Burn Surgery

In Afghanistan, the young and old alike need access to burn surgery ... photo by CC user isafmedia on Flickr

In a developing country, people injured as a result of burns or other trauma may struggle to find the care that they need. However, in countries like Afghanistan, some people in the business world have succeeded well enough to fulfill this need for the country’s people. CEO Ehsan Bayat of Afghan Trusted Network understands these medical needs and has taken the right steps to put care within the reach of ordinary Afghans. Philanthropic work of this sort has helped many people in war-torn countries live more normal lives.

Partnering Up to Help Others

One of the organizational factors that has made a difference in providing better burn and reconstructive surgery care is teamwork between different groups. When two or more organizations collaborate to provide medical assistance, they will have a better chance of providing more sophisticated equipment. Another advantage is the fact that at least one of these facilities also treats injured US service members. Because facilities like these treat people from various situations, they make it easier for doctors to provide the best care to all. 

Why Pre-Surgical Care is Important

Many people in developed countries would be surprised at the need for burn victims or surgical patients to receive care far from home. However, in a country with as many remote areas as Afghanistan has, patients benefit from receiving care in a modern facility. They have easy access to doctors, the conditions are safe and sanitary, and doctors can provide better monitoring before and after surgery. Patients who recover well will have more to gain from having had their surgery. 

Telemedicine Matters 

The use of technology to better coordinate between doctors in different locations has become a staple of modern, Western medicine. This sort of technology is also very helpful for doctors assisting patients in remote areas. A doctor treating a burn or trauma victim may securely share photos of their patients’ injuries with other doctors for assistance or second opinions. Because doctors can make quicker assessments of their patients’ conditions, they will have a greater chance of helping their patients live fuller lives.

Assistance to Other NGOs

One of the best things about medical centers that are pioneers in the field is that they can be a valuable resource to others. Many other groups that provide medical care to the needy in Afghanistan need help for their critical patients. Even though moving a patient in such condition may not always be possible, better resources will help their caregivers treat them until they are stable to travel.

The growth in medical facilities and the service they provide promises a better way of life for Afghans. People who have sustained serious burns are no longer in a situation where they must live with disfigurement or impairment. Another one of the biggest advantages of this care is the fact that the patients receive care from highly-trained doctors, as well as new doctors who need extra experience in coping with traumatic injuries. Doctors who receive hands-on experience coping with these sorts of cases will be able to work in other settings where trauma experience is needed.