Get high quality staff name badges for your workplace

While staff name badges have looked like this in the past, new ones allow you to effectively track your staff ... photo by CC user adspackman on Flickr

There are huge benefits to having name badges for your staff, wherever you work. Not only is having ID for your staff members crucial for security, but in public facing jobs, having your staff be approachable and identifiable is very important.

The best thing to do is to go to a reputable company to get ID badges printed. They can be bought in bulk so that you save money, and they can be customised so that your badges are more interesting and colourful.

You can get ID badges in hard plastic for durability or you can go for soft vinyl badge holders so that you can use paper ID cards and insert them. The latter option is perfect for visitors’ badges which can be thrown away after they have been used.

Staff name badges can be advantageous in many contexts and many employers now have them made. They can come in plain designs or can state that someone is an employee, which is particularly useful if you want the public to be able to identify this.

You can get more colourful badges for contexts such as schools or nurseries, where you want to get across a sense of fun, or something more smart, simple, sleek and formal for more corporate events and settings. Designs can be simple or complex depending on what you are going for and indeed there is always the option to customise.

Having ID badges for staff members means you can keep track of and manage your staff electronically. Having a security system where staff use these badges to swipe in means you can have a record of who has entered your premises and when, and indeed who is clocking in and out of work.

ID badges are used in numerous settings for staff, whether it’s the education sector, where more and more schools are implementing electronic security systems where staff and pupils must swipe in and out of the building, or in healthcare. Equally, they are frequently used in industry where access to sites is restricted and they are great for events where you want staff to be identifiable to the people at them.

There are also many ID card holder options which mean that staff won’t easily lose them, with everything from lanyards to clips. This means you give your staff options for how to display their ID so that they don’t lose it but you can still keep an eye on security.

With many reputable companies out there printing ID cards, you can get the perfect fit for your needs. You can get help from the experts in how to design them as well as advice on numbers to order and prices.