Brushing Your Teeth May Keep your Heart Healthy

New research indicated that brushing your teeth three or more times a day significantly reduces the risk of heart failure.

The bacteria flooding your mouth have many key facets of your health.  Medical researchers have discovered some intriguing clues about pancreatic and esophageal cancer risk in your mouth.

At the same time, some studies have found oral bacteria in the blood clots of people receiving treatment for stroke along with gum disease.

Nevertheless, maintaining good oral health is key to cardiovascular health.

Brushing Your Teeth Lowers heart Failure by 12%

Brushing your teeth three times or more is actually the best way to protect heart failure. Your heart needs all the hygiene for it to keep going.

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The Relationship between Gum and Heart

One might wonder how gum diseases and heart diseases are related. The bacteria that mostly grows in your mouth when you have a gum disease contribute massively to atherosclerosis. That will seriously add to the level of inflammation of the arteries and it will trigger biological reactions.

Heart Failure and Oral Hygiene

 A disease is mostly associated with heart and oral hygiene. Atrial fibrillation is linked with poor  oral hygiene. Therefore, you need to keep in check of your oral hygiene so that you protect your heart from unwanted malfunctions.

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