The Benefits of a Dental Payment Plan for Your Practice & Patients

Whether a patient has dental insurance or not, paying for a procedure can often be cost prohibitive. This prevents many patients from getting the best dental treatment available – even if they can afford a procedure, they might balk at the idea of it because they are worried about price. Making a dental payment plan like an option available at can help mitigate this problem, giving your patients peace of mind while also ensuring that you get paid promptly.

Financial Assurance

First and foremost, a dental payment plan allows both you and your patients to know exactly what to expect in terms of financing. For your practice, this means that you have assurance that a bill will get paid on time and as expected. If a payment gets missed or the patient stops paying, there are mechanisms in place to ensure that you still get the money that you deserve. For the patient, this means better peace of mind when it comes to planning for the future. A major dental procedure goes from being a crippling one-time expense to something that can be budgeted around, with a little bit of income going toward the purchase every month. This aids financial well-being and can also boost a credit score.

Better Follow-Up Care

Having a plan in place has several additional benefits as well. Most notably, it impacts the level of follow-up care a patient receives. Because the financing system provides a way to budget major costs and a degree of stability, it means that your patients are more likely to become repeat customers. Their odds of missing a follow-up appointment are minimal, and they are more likely to consider additional procedures as needed, ranging from sealants to help prevent cavities to additional work that can improve a smile. This means that the dental office can provide better and more intensive care than before, while the patient can live a healthier life.

Good Credit Health

The biggest stumbling block that people tend to face when it comes to making dental payment plans is bad credit. Whether a customer has had credit troubles in the past or has no significant credit history at all, they often believe that they are unlikely to be able to afford proper dental care because of this. On the practice side, customers with poor credit histories mean less reliable payment or even nonpayment of outstanding bills. Luckily, a good payment plan system helps to mitigate this., for example, offers plans even to those who have less than a perfect credit history. This gives patients a chance to get the care they need while also improving their credit situation.

The ability for a practice to provide a dental payment plan is essential to making sure that every patient gets the care and respect that they deserve. The best plans are available even to a wide base of people no matter what their financial situation may be. A flexible, high-profile system like can benefit both practices and patients.