Interesting Facts About The First Car To Ever Exist

Cars as we know them today, different sizes, shapes, and styles. No one would have ever guessed that in the beginning, it was just a three-wheeled no door or roof machine. Carl Benz in 1885 launched the first car to ever exist which is the automobile. This steered the production of the automobile revolution. I’m sure it will be interesting to find out some interesting facts about the Benz Patent Motorwagen. In the, meantime you can play real money online pokies for real money and win some cash to get yourself a Benz.

Facts About The Benz Patent Motorwagen

  • It paved the way for the production of many Benz cars
  • It had three wheels and it looked like a tricycle. And could only accommodate two people.
  • After the production of the first model, 25 more versions were sold  in under 6 years
  • The world’s first car had only 10km/l mileage it weighed only 100kilograms which is unusual for the cars in this day and age.
  • You could only start the engine by spinning the large flywheel
  • The vehicle cost just $1,000 during the time. 
  • The vehicle did not have any major features excerpt for the larger wheels that looked like the ones from a bicycle only that they were bigger approximately 1 metre high. It also had a tubular steel frame that resembles horseshoes.
  • The only thing that defined how luxurious the car was, was the leather seats and the wooden floor that was polished.
  • Bertha who was Benz’s founder used her dowry money to finance the development process of this car. She could have received the patents right but during the time married women were not allowed to apply for patents. So it ended up with Benz.
  • Bertha also invented brake lining when she asked the local shoemaker to secure leather on the worn-out brake blocks just like how do their casino games.
  • Benz’s wife got the title for the first long-distance driver when she decided to drive for a long distance just to prove how feasible the car was. Also going on the road trip was a way to publicize the car.