How Best to Choose a Tailor for Your Bespoke or Made to Measure Suit

In the olden days, choosing the tailor for your suits used to be quite straightforward. There weren’t that many around, for one thing, and the one who had been making all the suits in the family was usually the first pick. The fact that there are many more choices now is a good thing; it means that there is more competition in the industry, and this is good for the consumer. On the other hand, having many options does mean it’s harder to choose.

When you want your bespoke suit to be great, you need to sit down and carefully consider it – not all tailors are the same, and since it’s an investment, you need to be sure you get quality results. Are you considering a suit made especially for you? Here’s how best to choose a tailor for your bespoke or made to measure suit.

Do the research

Even the most dedicated men in fashion don’t necessarily understand how exactly a suit is made, so don’t feel guilty if you feel ignorant of the process; though it does pay to do some research so that you understand what you’re in for. It will help you negotiate, it will help you discover your style, and it will ensure that your ideas (likes and dislikes) will be communicated to the tailor in a clearer way. In other words, a little bit of knowledge will significantly raise your chances of finding the right tailor. Step into fashion for a while – it pays off.

Get recommendations

This is tricky. Get recommendations, by all means, but see how the person recommending the tailor looks in their suit first. When it comes to fashion, it’s hard to argue. When it comes to costs and expenses, communication, turnaround time, and other practical matters, it pays to listen and to explore.

The exchange of ideas

Open communication is very important. Mind you: you should always have the last word.

Continued improvement

Fitting a suit takes time, so be prepared to have multiple adjustments made. Find a bespoke tailor who explains this to you from the start.

Of course, there are two more important issues to consider before you engage a tailor. The first is your budget – it’s important, and only you can decide how much you are willing to spend on your suit. The second is the turnaround time. It could take a few weeks to get your suit made just the way you want it, but assuming that you yourself have no complaints or change your mind during the process, it shouldn’t take longer than a month or two. Longer than that may mean that you’re not a priority, or that the tailor is inadequately skilled. Consider all aspects, and choose wisely.