The Best Adventure Holidays In Europe

Going on a road trip in Norway is among the Best Adventure Holidays In Europe

For those of us who like a little more spice to our holidays, picking the right place to go can be a difficult choice. It’s not as simple as picking the country with the best beaches or the highest temperatures. We’ve decided to investigate some of the best adventure holidays within Europe, and in some of its most well-known territories. So get packing, apply for an e111 card online, and get excited, because we’ve listed some of the best adventure holidays in Europe for you to consider.

Wildlife Adventure, Spain

Only Doñana National Park and Andújar Natural Park are home to one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful cats – The Iberian Lynx. Both parks have a range of things to do from 4×4 safaris, through to guided-hikes, but if you want a better chance at seeing this rare animal, there is a seven-night, expert-led guided group trip to both parks to try and see the Lynx. Visitors can learn about conservation, and might spot other creatures, including mouflon wild Sheep and Spanish imperial Eagles – the perfect break for animal lovers.

Kayaking, Estonia

The unspoilt Baltic cost of Estonia is perfect for kayaking, especially for those interested in the rich history that can be found here. From abandoned farmhouses, to once proud-standing Russian watchtowers, there is no shortage of things to be found and seen on the 1,500 islands along the coast. These islands were once used for military testing, but are now home to a flourishing haven of wildlife.

Road Trip, Norway

The fjords, mountains, villages and quiet coastal roads all make for quite the road trip for that looking for a self-driven kind of holiday. In summer when the days are warm and long, you can bring along a tent and camp in the wild – it’s legal in Norway! – Before carrying on your drive. Drive from Bergen North to Trondheim, drive along the Atlantic Road with the eight bridges that link the islands, all with the opportunity to see seals and whales. For the braver drivers among you, try out the zig-zag bends of Trollstigen. A week’s care hire can start from around £200 depending on the make and model that you go for.

Cycling, Crete

Cycling on any of Crete’s gorgeous 22 bike routes will take you by the glistening turquoise sea, plentiful olive groves or even the towering mountains of this amazing Greek island. There are plenty of guided tours to be found for cycling if you want to go within a group, which often include transfers and bike hire, and Level I tours are suitable for families with kids with most of the ride being downhill or on flat ground. Level II tours take you along steeper gradients and require good health, so be sure to check which your tour will come under and which you can handle.

Zip World, Wales

Zip World is one of the most unusual and unique adventure holiday’s in the whole of the UK. With Europe’s longest zip line taking you 500ft over views of a slate quarry and North Wales’ coastline, it’s not something to be missed by the thrill seekers among you. For those who prefer staying on the ground, why not try the Fforest Coaster? It is based on a traditional toboggan, but you don’t need snow or ice for this ride. Instead, settle in the car and fly through trees on rails at exhilarating speeds. For a slower thrill, try out the underground trampolines, or get the best of all words in high-ripe cavern adventures.