Experiencing Mykonos Like the Rich and Famous

When you go on holiday, you want to be treated like a King or Queen for that vacation, getting the best in luxury and relaxation. What better place to visit then, than the luxury capital of Greece, Mykonos? Extremely popular with the richest and most famous celebrities across the World, Mykonos is much more than golden sands and crystal waters, it’s world-famous party life make it one of the most fun and unique places to visit across the globe.

Sound fun? Here’s our guide to a luxury holiday in Mykonos living like a celebrity:

How to Travel 

If you’re going to live Mykonos like a celebrity, then you need to travel there like one too! So instead of squashing yourself into an economy seat, upgrade to business or even first class. Not only will you get bigger seats and better food, you’ll even have waiters bringing you champagne. Get the best bargain on your seat upgrades by checking for flight sales and using sites such as Skyscanner to book well in advance.

Once you get to Mykonos, why not rent yourself a luxury car? You’ll be able to travel to your accommodation in ultimate style. Some companies will even offer yacht rental, so you can explore Mykonos like a true VIP.

Where to Stay 

With such a reputation of being a celebrity hotspot, it’s little wonder then that Mykonos has some of the most luxurious hotels on offer in Europe; many of which are just minutes away from all of the island’s best attractions. One of the most popular is the Belverdere Hotel, a luxury accommodation that is home to restaurants by not one but two celebrity chefs –  Nobu Matsuhisa and Nikos Zervos.

If you’d prefer something more private, Mykonos has a breadth of luxury private villas available for rent. Not only will you have the privacy of being by yourself, but most of these villas have their own pools and some will even offer catering.

Where to Eat 

Greek food is celebrated across the globe, but nothing quite compares to being able to taste the local cuisine while you’re in staying in Mykonos. There are plenty of superb gourmet restaurants available on the island, many of which use the best in freshly caught seafood. A must-visit is the VIP restaurant at Petasos Beach Resort and Spa, which serves traditional Greek food as well as Japanese fusion foods.

For the freshest in Aegean seafood, Uno Con Carne combines the best in locally caught fish with Argentinean-style meats, making for incredibly delicious and unique plates of food. Be sure to indulge at their oyster bar and sip on some of the restaurant’s fine wines.

Where to Drink 

Mykonos isn’t known as Europe’s greatest party destination for nothing, which is exactly why the celebrities from across the globe flock here – to take in the sizzling weather and enjoy the insane nightlife.

If you enjoy cocktails, a trip to Alley Cocktail Bar is a must. These artisan cocktails use the best ingredients to create memorable and bespoke cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s a wonderful place to sit, sip your drink and people watch.

For a trendy bar that turns into a nightclub, the Skandinavian Bar is home to a world-famous DJ that attracts the most stylish of locals and tourists to its door. Comprised of two open-air bars, there’s also a patio, various dancefloors and a VIP area.

What to Do  

Visiting Mykonos without a visit to one of its famous beaches would just be a travesty, but as Mykonos is so popular, many of the beaches can be full of tourists. Meaning you won’t feel like a VIP. Instead, opt for a quieter beach like Panormos, Ftelia or Agios Sostis. These beaches tend to have far less people using them, so you’ll feel like you’re on your own private beach.

Of course, Mykonos is known as the party capital of Europe, so a visit to one of its many nightclubs is a must – including some that are held right on the beaches of this gorgeous Greek island. To make the most of your experience, buy yourself a VIP club package before you go. These will ensure you won’t need to wait in any queues, you’ll get priority access to the best nights (such as Cavo Paradiso) and you can buy a drinks package to save you money on the night.