How to Set a Budget for Your Bathroom Upgrade

When you want to remodel one room in your home that will give you a good return should you decide to sell your property, the bathroom should be your top choice. If you can control your remodelling budget by carefully investigating the cost of each and every item for the project, you can achieve your goal of having an updated bathroom at a reasonable price. It’s best to comparison shop so that you can get the best deals and the most affordable prices for the items that you want to replace. Let’s look at how to set your budget for a bathroom upgrade that you want to have installed in your home.

If you are doing a Bathroom Upgrade, you'll want to set a budget first...

Average Cost

You can upgrade your bath in a variety of ways using different grades of products but expect to pay about £3,000 for an average bathroom remodel. This will depend on whether you are replacing your entire suite, doing some of the work yourself, and the amount of luxury that you want to have in your bathroom. Many suppliers recommend that you understand what is included in suite packages and other indirect costs that might not be included in your purchase, before you make a final decision.

Bathtub Costs

Bathtubs are usually sold outside of the suite packages that include the WC and basin. You should plan to spend around £70 for a low-end bathtub and in the range of £1,400 – £10,000 for top-end baths that have added features. It’s really a matter of what you prefer. Do you want a cheap bath that is squeaky and flimsy or would you rather have one of the luxurious Carronite Baths UK suppliers offer? Your choice will also depend on the budget that you have for your remodel project. Keep in mind that your bathtub will be the centre of attention in your bathroom, so purchase something that will enhance the interior design that you are planning.

Shower Costs

As with bathtubs, the cost of a shower unit will depend on the type you buy, the added features that you want, and the amount of luxury you want to enjoy when you shower. Showers range from £50 on the low end to about £2,000 for digital showers, shower cabins, and shower units that have jets, sprays, and aromatherapy devices that add to your showering experience.

Extra Accessories and Labour

As you plan the budget for your bathroom remodel, be sure to include money for tiles, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and heated towel warmers that give your bathroom the feel of a luxurious spa. Make sure that you also include labour costs for plumbers and electricians who may need to do some work before you begin installing your new items. Tiling will cost from £350 to £800 whilst plumbers will charge about £1,000 for taking out your old fixtures and installing your new items.

When you add in new taps, a toilet, and a basin you’ll have the complete price needed to upgrade your bathroom.

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