Female Motorcyclists Taking to the Roads

When you go down a local road or even a major highway, don’t be surprised to see a woman behind the controls of a motorcycle.

While it may be hard sometimes to tell if it is a man or woman riding the bike due to a helmet, more and more ladies are getting on motorcycles and taking them for a spin, be it to work, shop or just for fun.

Green Machine

According to a report from The Los Angeles Times, more women are hopping on motorcycles and going for a ride these days.

The numbers from the Motorcycle Industry Council point out that 14 percent of all individuals riding motorcycles nationwide are women. Meantime, the report also notes that among Gen X cyclists, 17 percent of bike owners are female. On the Gen Y side, the number stands at 18 percent.

So, what should women look for when buying a bike and how best to maintain it and stay safe out on the roads?

Finding the Best Buy Without Overlooking Safety

In order to get the top and safest bike at the best price, here are some tidbits to remember driving forward:

1. Shop around – For starters, browse around and don’t expect to settle on the first motorcycle you come across. You can shop in-person or online to get ideas of which bikes may best fit your needs. Take a number of motorcycles out for test rides, seeing which one handles best, is most comfortable to ride, and works with your finances. If you haven’t ridden much in the past, get with friends or family who ride regularly so you can test out their bikes, seeing what works best for you. Finally, make sure any cycle dealer you are leaning towards offers second-to-none customer service. Your bike will come with a warranty for parts, so it is important that your dealer is there for you whenever you need them, not when they conveniently feel like it;

2. Never Take Safety for Granted – While you may think that you and your motorcycle are 100 percent protected all of the time when out on the road (see more below), think again. Accidents involving motorcycles are more common than you may think, so practice top-notch riding safety at all times. Even though some states do not require helmets, it is to your benefit to always be wearing one. Also make sure that the clothing you are wearing is nicely fitted and doesn’t prohibit you in any manner from properly operating the bike. Some ladies may opt for tobacco Kevlar jeans for women as part of their clothing apparel to protect their legs. It is also important that you have the proper footwear in order to control the bike with your feet at all times. Finally, if you will be traveling on unfamiliar roads, map them out ahead of time to look for any delays, road construction etc. This is especially important if you’re going on a long trip with your bike;

3. Sharing the Road with Others – Another important facet of being a responsible woman motorcyclist is making sure you effectively share the road with others. While everyone always preaches safety, saying it and doing it are two entirely different things. Avoid weaving in-and-out of heavily congested roads, especially those where construction is on-going. Also keep in mind that drivers of cars and especially trucks can’t always see you coming, so avoid coming up on someone at a high rate of speed;

4. Maintaining your bike – It is also critical that you do regular maintenance on your motorcycle, lessening the chances of being in an accident and also reducing your expenses for major repairs. Just as you would a car, take your bike in during scheduled maintenance intervals so it keeps humming along far down the road.

With more women hitting the pavement on their motorcycles, the days of it being a “boys only” show on the roads is quickly changing.

Don’t be surprised as you go down a street or highway to see a woman at the controls of a motorcycle and not riding piggyback with a man.

For women who love motorcycles, both motorcycle dealers and other riders need to realize there is a burgeoning market on the move.