Motorbike Trips Through Europe

Motorbike trips in Europe

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Home to some of the world’s greatest cities and serene countrysides, Europe is a great tour no matter which side you decide to ride in. All you have to do is grab your gear and you are off to some of the best motorcycle routes you might ever see in Europe. Endowed with some of the best natural sites and land mark monuments, these routes guarantee you a riveting and captivating trip from start to finish. Let’s see where it is best to take a ride in a descending order.

Derbyshire in England

Among the most celebrated routes here that a motorcycle enthusiast may not want to miss is one between Buxton and Whaley Bridge. Surrounded by astounding natural scenery with the stick out of the crowd factor being the Goyt Valley. The long sweeping and twisting roads located along the A5004 will keep you on your toes as far as entertainment is concerned.

The SS300 in Italy

Italy is not only home to some of the most breathtaking architecture in the world but also some of the most eye catching routes to ride in. one of the more reputable routes is the SS300. This route takes the rider into some of the most pleasant views among them being the Stelvio National Park located in northern Italy. The route also has some easy, smooth and easy to maneuver roads. The inspiring scenery here should prove quite rewarding for a rider who is out to get some fun and adventure.

Agiofarago Gorge in Crete

Any fun rider will tell you the hustles of the street and the noise are not the best fun. That is why all riders should make this route a must go to at least once in their lifetime. The Agiofarago route offers that secluded, rural and dusty route with eye popping scenarios that a motorcyclist could die for. Here, the rider can get lost in their thoughts in among the most stunning scenarios in the motorcycling tours world.
Bodom Circle.

They say the best things are kept secret. Perhaps this is not really the case but Bodom circle. Located in Finland, it is one of the little known Motorcyclists’ paradise. The route takes you through a roller coaster of sceneries between Bodomintie and Gunnarsvagen. Among the sceneries you would expect here are cafés, a stunning lake as well as villages. This route takes an end with a bang! That is what is special about it. There is a car and motorcycle museum within its course, what more would a rider ask for!

The D618 in France

Safe camping, plenty of mountains and jaw dropping sceneries is what this route offers. Located in France, it is no wonder that this route comes in first. It takes one to the St Girons region that is particularly known for its beauty and serene environment. The route comes countless stay on route spots for motorcyclists especially those that have a thing for camping.

Preparing for a safe trip

Organizing a motorcycle trip in a foreign country requires certain planning and precautions. Before you go make sure you’re route is well mapped out and you have all the relevant guides and maps you need for the area. Riding rules are different in every location and it’s important to have the correct licenses and motorbike insurance. Since some of the routes are quite remote, make sure you read about the route and more so the laws and speed limits before you embark on the tour. The last thing that you want is to be on the wrong side of the law in a foreign country. Also have some convenient information like resting spots, gas stations and a hospital within your route of choice just in case. So with that in mind, stay legal, remember to stay safe and legal and ride like the wind.