Amenities Available in a Serviced Apartment

You might not be familiar with the difference between a regular apartment and a serviced apartment. In terms of the room sizes and facilities, they might be the same. However, serviced apartments are worth the price because of the amenities you will get that come with the rental fee.


If you book the room for several days, you might receive free housekeeping services. Usually, apartment units are quite big and are difficult to maintain. Some serviced apartments offer daily housekeeping services while others have weekly services available. You can ask before you reserve to determine the services they provide.

24/7 support

If you book a room in a hotel, you will receive support from the reception desk. Should you face problems, you can call them for help. You can do the same in a serviced apartment. They also offer customer assistance if you need them to come over and help. It could be due to some repair or maintenance issues in your room. It could also be due to some problems with people next door or in the neighbourhood. They will make your entire stay easy and comfortable.

Laundry service

Some apartments might ask you to pay a lot, but the fees include laundry services. If you are in the same place for a long time, you could end up with tons of dirty clothes. Since you want to make the most of your stay to travel and enjoy the place, you don’t want to spend hours washing clothes. Other apartments don’t have a free laundry service, but you can pay them to do the job.


You don’t need to go elsewhere if you are hungry. You can stay in your apartment building since some of them have restaurants on the ground floor. If not, you can walk to nearby places where you can find something to eat. These restaurants have strategic locations making it easy to dine when you feel hungry. Even if you can’t see one, serviced apartments usually have a kitchen with equipment. You can cook in your place and not worry about what to eat.

Special requests

In some instances, the apartment might provide special services upon request. You can inform them when you book the place regarding any special requests you may have. They will let you know if they can provide it or not. They might collect additional fees depending on the demand.

You can find serviced apartments in London if you intend to travel there soon. Some of them have strategic locations that make it easy for you to visit different places in London. If you only have a few days to stay in the city, you need to maximise the opportunity. An apartment in a strategic area will help you reach the places you want to visit without any problem.

Check the options now and reserve the place you want. Quality apartment units are in demand, and they might not be available if you don’t decide soon.